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Male-directed insult. Also describes the tendency to rummage in your underwear massaging ones genitals as if looking for litter to pick up (hence womble )
Look at that guy. He is such a cockwomble.
by Covbaby April 02, 2012
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Male-directed insult: An unintelligent fucktard who has an opinion and a big mouth. Bullshit spout.
Cockwomble: David Cameron is a Cockwomble
by ZegDrop December 26, 2015
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The literal meaning of cockwomble is someone who engages in cottaging or gay dogging type activities in public places. In general use, it seems to have lost this meaning and is typically just used as a general insult.

Wombles are fictional creatures from a 1970s British children's animation series. As the story goes, they live in a burrow under Wimbledon Common and get by collecting and recycling litter.

So if a womble is a critter that roams Wimbledon Common looking for litter, then a cockwomble is someone who roams Wimbledon Common (or other parks and public areas) looking for cock.
We decided t o leave Frank in the pub. He was being a complete cockwomble.
by divasdayoff January 02, 2016
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An overly officious oaf or spiteful person.

Someone who takes great delight in the misery of others by being deliberately obtuse and ignorant.
"I couldn't get into the nightclub. That cockwomble on the door said I didn't look like the photo on my ID card!"

"That cockwomble neighbour has let his dog shit on my lawn again!"
by Celebavari March 31, 2014
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