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Neil is a guy who is misunderstood a lot . But if you get to know him you'll see he is the sweetest guy you'll ever know . He is very respectful and has a big heart . He is caring and loving and puts other before himself . He gets pissed off easy tho . He's great at basketball and football and is very sexy and handsome .
Dang I wish I had a relationship like Neil and Havana{
by LouisianaBlondeBabe July 11, 2016
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A 'Neil' is a person of awesome intellect who shows good character, charm, wit and good manners in everything he does.
Sean is definetely not a Neil. He is an anti-neil.
by Nirm March 20, 2007
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to ruin a perfectly good stream of funny jokes by telling a really bad one.
by jabrony September 16, 2007
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A 'neil' is a passionate, good looking, sexy, clever guy who has an amazing out look on life. If you come across a neil, you can be sure your life would change for the better,
' i met a neil today, how lucky am i :)'
by sneaky leeky January 05, 2010
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shortarse, who uses wikipedia articles in a vain attempt to prove his wacky theories.
If you were any more wrong, you'd be neil
by imsol33t January 12, 2010
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