used in reference to somebody who likes to spread gossip, or who cannot keep a secret
His ex-girlfriend told everyone that he had a small penis. When he found out, he just said that she had a big mouth.
by yorrick hunt January 24, 2008
When a person talk too much, they have a big mouth.
That little boy has a big mouth.
by kame63 June 30, 2011
There are a couple different kinds ways to have a big mouth. Basically someone that can't keep anything to themselves.

One is the type of person that cannot keep anything secret.

Another is the sort that always shoots off their mouth to everyone for any reason. Such people tend to get themselves into trouble because they're always pissing people off. The type of person that in an argument will keep arguing and arguing far beyond the point where they've made their point and should stop.
A) Ack, don't tell him a secret. With his big mouth everyone in the world will know within five minutes!

B) This guy I know is always getting into fights because of his big mouth. He'll lip off to anyone for any reason and tends to take arguments a lot farther then any normal person would take them.
by Anonymous December 3, 2006
when a guy can stick his dick in your mouth and you don't even gag.
wow... Girl you have a big mouth.
by adkjfgniaeUdfgnb September 30, 2008
He is A person if you asked him what time is it? he begin to explain how the clock was invented !!!
clock is somthing make time somthing by a big mouth
by yazoon August 11, 2006
When someone talked alot and likes to meet a lot of new people
look at the author for a prime example
by claustrophobic chicken December 18, 2004