A giant blue-blooded lizard from the Palaeolithic era that roams the United Kingdom.
British Man: Holy fuck, what's Godzilla doing HERE!?!
Another British Man: That's no Godzilla, that's a DAVID CAMERON!!!!
by TheBrownAvenger January 1, 2012
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a: Do you know who David Cameron is?
b: Of course I do. He's the one who fucked a pig isn't he?
by The one who never replies January 17, 2017
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Leader of the UK Conservative party. Ex Eton and thus Ex Oxford and thus lives in Notting Hill. Previously a PR guy. Bright, well educated Tory puppet that knows exactly what to say but doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. Represents a party of white male hoorah Henry's that are primarily ministers for lunch. Particularly good at attractive sound bites that cannot be put into policies because most of his own party don't actually like what he's saying. The green issue is a good example. Occasionally flies to the Artic to play with huskies because he is worried about climate change. Tendency to cycle to work only to be followed by a Chelsea tractor (Range Rover) carrying his files. Would be hugely successful as leader of the UK Liberal Democrat party.
David Cameron: "I say George, I rather fancy giving that whole politics lark a go"
George: "Now that is an idea. You know daddies in the party. He'll be so very pleased. Now more importantly, where are we going to go for lunch"?
David: "Old Humprey's friend has just opened up a restaurant off the old Portobello. George old boy, give the Daily mail a ring I think I'm in the mood for a spot of cycling!"
George: "Bravo! Now where has Smithy got to with the roller"?
by T Carruthers October 6, 2006
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David Cameron: i will lead this country out of recession.

Whole Sane Population: fuck off back to eton you posh Cunt
by milezy July 2, 2010
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Current British Prime Minister.

Known for change... changing his mind, that is.

Expects us to hug hoodies... and I will do if I ever run into the hoodie who threw that egg at him the other week.

Got the country's hopes up of a referendum on the EU Constitution / Lisbon Treaty if he got into power, but withdrew the offer once it was clear he would win the next election.

Also known as Blair 2.0 because he's nothing more than a clone of Tony Blair.
Dude 1: Did you hear the news?

Dude 2: No, what's up?

Dude 1: David Cameron is now at Number 10.

Dude 2: So Tony Blair's back in power again?
by Chjris May 12, 2010
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A liar who pretends to support central-right politics then suddenly declares his support for alcohol minimum pricing. He has now increased tuition fees in england despite students (after graduating) earn far more income in the long run therefore paying more tax and contributing more to the state. Now he has put hundreds of thousands of people out of work with his budget cuts and put them on benefits. Then he has declared he will not accept people not having jobs!

However too many british people (instead of arguing logically agains him) just declare him "posh" and "a snob"
Idiot- David cameron's a snob!

Normal person- I disagree with his policies but how is calling him immature names going to help.
by Propane_Nightmares December 3, 2010
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Current Prime Minister of the UK (just) and leader of the conservative party. Even with a failed Labour government, most of the press on his side and economic crisis he still could not get a majority so did a deal with the lib dems. This says a lot: Either he is extremly useless or most of the country really don't want a tory government...half and half really.

He is currently enjoying himself by cutting everything, puting even more people in poverty. For example, incapacity benefit is being cut. Like it was disabled poor people that caused this reccesion, and thus budget defecit. Evil.
But ofcourse David Cameron knows what it is like for the common person, being very rich and going eton isnt going to affect that...
by link10 July 21, 2010
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