The 45th president of the United States of America.

Popularised by the people of Scotland after Donald Trump congratulated them on voting for independence (Scotland actialy voted to stay in the EU)
by MrsChippy1915 May 19, 2018
An overly officious oaf or spiteful person.

Someone who takes great delight in the misery of others by being deliberately obtuse and ignorant.
"I couldn't get into the nightclub. That cockwomble on the door said I didn't look like the photo on my ID card!"

"That cockwomble neighbour has let his dog shit on my lawn again!"
by Celebavari March 31, 2014
"Donald Trump really does come out with some proper bollocks."

"The guy is an utter cockwomble."
by Larkham January 7, 2016
A person who thinks his horse rating stats are fabulous but in reality he #makesitupashegoesalong and is a bitter prick
by Cockwomble1 September 13, 2018
The entire following of Britain First, EDL, BNP, NWI, National Action, Infidels of Britain, Yorkshire casuals, kkk, NF and every other racist movement in existence anywhere in the world, spouting their ignorant bullshit. Intolerant arseholes.
Listen to those ignorant cockwombles, with their bullshit rhetoric.
I hope their children marry foreigners.
by MagnificentLeftie September 16, 2015