Or Donny
The greatest place on God's sweet earth. Famed for being in Yorkshire, a great football team, and birthplace of the fastest steam train ever, the Mallard. Doncaster has produced some of Britains greatest hero's including Douglas Bardar and Kevin Kegan.
"I say gov'nor what is that shining example of western civilisation over there"

"Oh that my good sir is Doncaster, brightest jewel in the crown of Great Britain"
by Alasdair Weeks January 29, 2005
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Doncaster commonly known as were the new rich live 5/6/7 bedroom houses pools and swimming pools in most homes..Home to Westfield Shoppingtown one of Australia's premium shopping centres
Doncaster or Donny has expensive cars new breed of rich kids ...flash cars bad drivers you gotta have money to live here ,rich bitches ....spoilt brats who think their shit dont stink....burnouts cars shopping and drinking
by Donny 21 November 6, 2011
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A small town in South Yorkshire. Known for being full lots of small mining villages who still complain endlessly about Thatcher to this day and a large collection of scumbags, both UK and mostly non UK nationals.
1. Ey up, lets get down t' Working Men's Club an pretend our opinion matters while badmouthin' Tories!

2. Just visit the lovely town center to be greeted by streets filled to the brim with non-UK nationals, various homeless centers that everyone in Doncaster seems to have lived in at some point, and the meeting point of the town - The Jobcentre (only averaging three fights per day - best figures ever!!)
by Falconarc September 18, 2013
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City in South Yorkshire, has possibly the worst football team in the country.
Also known as Donny.
We are doing crap in the footy league lads, lets burn the stadium down for the insurance.
by PlayaX August 3, 2004
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A mecca for Chavs. In the warm seasons July - September you will find Chav scum making the hefty pilgrimage from surrounding areas such as Hull to beg for cigarettes in the wold famous 'Frenchgate' centre.... Also the birth place of the Sovereign ring.
You car was stolen by a 'Donny' Doncaster Chav.
by CatPirate July 13, 2006
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the penis. unabbr. of 'dong'.

could also be in reference to dildo.
sexual request: "suck my doncaster",
display of manhood: "my doncaster is the size of Doncaster"
by hayter February 20, 2005
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The best football team in League One.They are known for their "Arsenal" style of play. They confirmed this fact by beating Leeds United (The Champions Of Europe) 1-0.
Donny White: Oh dear my hometown club(Doncaster Rovers) who I dont support have just beaten the team that I do support. I am so gay, what was I thinking I should have supported them instead of that shower of shite thats called Leeds United.
by Rovers Till I Die January 20, 2008
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