To not be smart.
Dumb, stupid, retarded, challenged, silly, dumbassed, unsmart, bottom-headed.
by B-Drac September 5, 2003
when a dumbass writes something you can't understand
Joy your last message was a bit unintelligible
by g-dollas-y'all November 15, 2014
The word speaks for itself. You searched what unintelligent means so now you are unintelligent cause you don't know the def of the word unintelligent.
Person 1: What does unintelligent mean?
Person 2: You
Person 1:Awww
Person 3: Can i join the conv.?
by ThisIsNotMyRealNameNahItIsBruh January 26, 2017
If you gotta ask more than once, its been kept unintelligble, which is what many people use language for in the first place, keeping things unintelligible.
The guy didn't want the dumbass to connect a to b, so he kept things unintelligible.
by Solid Mantis September 18, 2019
Unintelligent Design is the antithesis of, "Intelligent Design" theory.

UD is the affirmation that while a Supreme all knowing (Omniscient), all powerful (Omnipotent), ever present (Omnipresent), higher power created all that exists (Omnigenesis), that when it came to inhabiting the earth with what became/changed to/evolved as homo sapiens (us), it fucked up big time!

It created us to be like itself, but stupid. So that we weren't like that Intelligent Designer at all. Then it cursed us as sinners, because the first Mom of us all ate an apple and became smarter than creator dad. And that pissed off dad, who cursed humans for eternity, because Omniscience likes to play dirty.
And then, in an act of second-thought, the designer sent himself to the world he created sinful himself and suffered and died, to lift the curse of sin he bestowed himself. So that those who believed that was love, would be saved from himself.
So once dead, human souls could leave the unintelligent design they'd been living in and move in with the designer of that debacle, for eternity! Think of the fun! Think of the amount of Rubik's cubes laying around to be played with. Think of all those virgins getting deflowered by pasted together formerly exploded meaty pieces, from that other unintelligently designed neighborhood. If the designer fucked up making a garden paradise, think of how perfect heaven stands a chance of being.

Atheism, anyone!?

"I'm a natural born sinner, by unintelligent design."

Salvation is a method of saving the world from god, so he can be excused from unintelligently designing the world to be sinful and in need of saving from himself.

God is god by unintelligent design

I think, therefore I beat the odds of unintelligent design.

Jesus saves me from reality, by design.
by Uber Duck September 9, 2010
A person who is so idiotic that everything they say is incomprehensible
A: I think pedophilles should be part of the LGBTQ+ community

B: Most likely because you are an unintelligible crete
by AAAAAAIDONTKNOW December 25, 2021