urethra,the hole at the top of your weiner. not the hole on the side of your weiner;)
i pee out of my spout
by Matt Hoeber the IV November 10, 2003
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When you're put on the spot and don't know what to say so you start spouting nonsense
I wasn't paying attention when Mrs.Smith called on me in class so I started spouting some random facts
by AllFruitloopsTasteTheSame March 31, 2017
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what many people who have ideas based in hatered do.
george bush is spouting his dribble dick hate filled retoric yet again
by earthlover42 June 29, 2005
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A sex act where one partner fills their mouth with liquid (such as water), and then performs oral sex on the other partner, forcefully ejecting the liquid from their mouth onto/into their partner's genitals as they do so.
I had to clean the sheets last night after I gave some spouting to jenny!
by ps132 August 12, 2014
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Uncontrollable pooping. Diarrhea. Loose Bowels. The shits.
Kelsay: Dr. Daniels I think I might have covid...
Dr. D: Oh my, what are your symptoms?
Kelsay: I've had massive diarrhea and chills.
Dr. D: How many spouts have you have today?
Kelsay: Ummmm, I don't know maybe around 6.
by dan_gleewang January 12, 2021
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Individual that behaves in a rude or crass manner. Frequently uses offensive language
Brian kept interrupting my speech with racial slurs. He is such a cunt spout.
by MobileInfantry February 2, 2015
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when one continuously and irrelevently shouts out memes, either online or off.

Person 2: Stop that meme-spouting and go back to niggertits.
by mootisatroll September 27, 2009
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