Loosing heavily in a game of fifa that you may as well be a cockwomble.
Leo - another 5-0 win for me.
Kristoph - yea this has been such a cockwombling
by Frendlee December 20, 2018
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When a man dresses up in a wobble outfit and only his cock is hanging out and he has sex with someone.
"so how was sex with Jim last night?"
"it was so bad he totally cockwombled me!"
by womblers January 27, 2014
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An idiot that ignores all advice
Look at all the cockwombles in the beach ignoring the lockdown
by Tazzit April 9, 2020
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The ultimate worst type of insult to be used to describe a person who believes themselves to be so self important that no one else even matters. To be called a cockwombling thundercunt you have done something so unbelievably selfish to truly piss someone off and even worse you dont even realise you've done anything wrong.
Hey, that Phil is a right selfish cockwombling thundercunt!
by KittyCat1982 April 1, 2020
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Slag or Slut.
someone who has many partners
She's nothing but a dirty little CockWomble!
by Treeby November 20, 2015
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