A synonym for the male genitalia. "Blette", which is the french word for the leafy vegetable known as chard, is also a derogatory term for penis.
by Devil Joe April 8, 2009
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A better abbreviation for 'Richard'
Dave: "Hey Chard, how you been?"
Chard: "My name is Richard, but you can call me Rich, Rick, Ricky, or Dick"
Dave: "No, your name is Chard"
by captmurk August 22, 2014
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1. Pr.n. colloquialism of 'Richard'

2. v. as 'chard something up'. To, by error or misfortune, destroy iredeemably a situation that might otherwise have been promising or a suitestormme (see suitestormme).

3. adj. Meaning of poor quality or unfortunate.
1. Mod: Hello Chard
Chard: Hello Mod

2. Naan: So have you admitted she's you're girlfriend yet?
Ayrton Modstake: Yes. It has been confirmed.
Naad: Well, you really charded that one up, didn't you?

3. Although a sweet enough fellow, Joe was let down by his somewhat chard personal hygene.
by Steven Gerrard July 15, 2005
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A group of diverse men

“Chard” is an abbreviation for Orchard which is a middle school where we play basketball.
Bobby, my Hindu turban friend, is a Chard member.
by AlbinoKid33 April 14, 2019
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The combination of a Chode and a Retard.
Tara stop acting like a chard!
by Bitch5284 December 15, 2010
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A 14-25 year old african-american individual. So named for the color of their skin, as in the left over meat on a grill after cooking. Can be used as a term of indearment or as a racial slur.
"Yea man, I actully got some dank bud from a chard for once."

"Those damn chards always stand right in the middle of the hallway and act like monkeys!"
by JMoney52 March 16, 2009
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A dick not quite as small as a Chode, But also not quite the size of a normal Dick either, for it is somewhere in between.
My gf said i had a chode, but its obviously a chard, but size doesn't even matter anyway.

Shut up you fucking chard.
by PapaChard November 2, 2018
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