an offensive term for a chromie homie, or retard
Person 1: What is the hardest part of a vegetable to eat?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: The wheelchair.
by TheGoldenPeanut March 1, 2017
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1. A plant that you eat, usually green
2. A person who is brain-dead.
What do you do when you're done eating a vegetable? Put her back in the wheelchair.
by Fatass February 21, 2003
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Someone who doesn't do shit
What a vegetable, he doesn't do shit
by joseph ding December 8, 2014
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A vegetable is a person who is a dumbass
Nick you fucken vegetable
by Nigga97 June 6, 2019
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A state of mind when things go wrong. Generally used as an insult, but can be used to name a little-known member of the fruit family.
You good-for-nothing stupid vegetable.
Eat your green fruit, I mean vegetables.
by Matress_of_evil January 23, 2005
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I can no believe vegetables want us to go out with the black mans. We far superior and asian with black man is unnatural fo shizzle.
by got rice? March 7, 2005
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A mockery of of the term fruit when used seriously.
"Your such a fruit."
"Yeah well your a vegetable."
by Cannibal Guppy November 3, 2003
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