A politically correct way to say that a school, area, or environment is mostly black or Hispanic. It doesn't have to be 'diverse' at all, as in Montebello High School which is 97 percent Hispanic, but it is still called 'diverse'.
Compton is an extremely diverse area.

Um, what are you talking about? It's black and Hispanic. That's not very diverse!
by Angelacia June 16, 2007
I hateful and racist term drawn up by people of color which most often glorifies the absence of white people in a specific community or orgnization. It refers to the lack of white popluation as some sort of redeeming quality. Mostly it is used in the context of making a place "more diverse", literally meaning replacing or kicking out white people. Also often mentioned is "keeping a place diverse " which means keeping the white people out of an area or organization, or denying them leadership roles. The word diverse is a word glorifying the absence of white presence or white influence (especially white male influence) in a community, corporation, or organization.
I was the only white employee in an all black organization. They got rid of me in order to make the company more diverse.
by poyfectpecker May 6, 2019
a word way to dirty to define
diverse is to dirty to difine
by StevenBOY April 9, 2007
another politically correct word, probably coined by some diverse individual, which essentially means "homosexual" or "not right" see also: fag.
that mo is friggin diverse
by andrew k February 6, 2004
Anyone other than a white guy.
Person 1: The dean says our campus needs diversity.
Person 2: Oh, you mean less white males?
by andrew parker March 31, 2008
Anybody and everybody as long as they are NOT Caucasian.
The NAACP is very diverse because of the low number of Caucasian members.

The NBA is very diverse because of all the black members.

The United Nations needs more diversity because there's too many white people.
by Jack Klompus May 18, 2016