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A derogatory nick-name generally used when talking shit about people from a specific race
"Damn beaners Mexicans didn't mow the grass yesterday"
"Porch monkeys Blacks love fried chicken!"
"Did you see them honkey White kids playing hop-scotch?"
"Fuckin towel heads Arabs blew up the WTC!"

These are all racial slurs
by Noble May 12, 2006
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Aside from its usual definition, a racial slur is also what happens when you mix rednecks, NASCAR, and mass quantities of alcohol. Everyone is incoherently slurring about the race, when in actuality, no one has a damn clue who's in the lead or what the point standings are, nor does anyone really give a shit.
Examples of Racial Slurs:

Lap 1, Billy Bob - "Jimmy Johnson's taking this one all the way!"

Lap 1, Jimbo - "I concur, but Tony Stewart has just as much of a chance as any other guy out there."

Lap 119, Billy Bob - "Ib ert shnell mmm, (hic) mmbobble sox."

Lap 119, Jimbo - "Yeeeerrrp, sho mmbrithen gnop shtorin(BUUUURRRRRP)."
by Whiskey Drinker Me January 11, 2010
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A liberal word used to expose the speaker's tender sensibilities. When a liberal admonishes you to stop using a racial slur, she means that she is offended. Since being offended is the natural state of all pantywaist liberals, this word is pretty useless.

The expression has one very good use. Whenever you hear the expression "racial slur," you have convincing evidence that you are in the presence of a sissy liberal. You can roll up your sleeves and prepare to bash the worthless liberal.
When Monica called a big lazy nigger a porch monkey, Susan said, "Oh, that is a racial slur." Monica kicked Susan in the arse.
Ralston called a greasy A-Rab a Towel Head. Priscilla put her hand to her mouth and gasped. "Oh, the shame!" she whined. "That is a racial slur!" Ralston bashed Priscill in the butt.
Laura called Ike the Kike a sheeny shonicker yid. Trent said, "Ooh, you said a naughty! That was a racial slur!" Laura beat the crap out of trent.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 18, 2008
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