Contrary to all postings here, a follower of "Hinduism" or the "Hindu Religion".
I am a Hindu.
by maxre August 11, 2003
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The oldest religion on Earth. Over a billion followers. That's great for a religion that never set up missionaries. It has survived the invasions of the Muslims and the British. Even though it may have many Gods, different from Christianity, all it's Gods are one aspect of a universal spirit. I definitely think Hinduism is an awesome religion. It has no main founder, no one big text, and has influenced a lot of the world.
Lord Venkataswara is one of the important Gods of Hinduism.
by Dude December 29, 2005
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A Hindu is someone who follows the Hindu religion. It is not to be confused with someone who speaks Hindi, a language. Us Hindus have something like a trinity, with Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer(of evil). Some Hindus are vegetarians, though some eat meat. We are vegetarians because we believe in the innate goodness of EVERY living being. Hindus do fight in wars, because we try to protect Dharma, honor and goodness, and we only fight when we know the other is evil.We are ready to fight even our own brothers for Dharma. We have many gods, but we believe in one universal God, and we pray for all our different gods for different things, but we are really just praying to God. And as for those dummies who trash Hinduism, don't believe them. I'm not being a whiny dweeb here, OK, just sticking up for my religion. What would you do if some person just started insulting your thoughts and beliefs? And about those Hindu extremists, WE DO NOT, AT ALL, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PROMOTE THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR. These people are unopen, cruel zeolots who have ultimately failed their religion. But we do believe in forgivness, to some extent, but only if you are truly sorry for your actions, completely understand what you did and why it was bad, and will do anything to make it better. And, just for the record, we don't drink cow pee!!!!! We don't smell like curry(because that's just like saying Americans smell like hamburgers) and anyways, not all Hindus are Indian, but a high majority are. So that's basically Hinduism!
Non-Hindu: Hey, you don't smell like cow pee! But you do drink it right?
Hindu: Ewwww of course not! Who told you that?
Non-Hindu: Some weirdo on UrbanDictionary.
Hindu: Well please don't believe hiim!
by krispykargie September 19, 2008
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Someone who follows the religion of Hinduism or originally known as Sanatan Dharma.

It is known as the oldest religion and is the 3rd most prominent in the world next to Islam and Christianity.

Hindus are awesome.
"I'm Hindu, I go to the Mandir to pray"
by yoyoyo1418 May 29, 2009
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A religion which teaches love, tolerance, truth, non-violence, mercy, forgiveness and self control.

There are no strict rules in Hinduism, it’s just a feeling.
Hindus great everyone by saying Namaste which means "The sprit within me perceives and adores the sprit within you."

My parents are Hindu. They go to temple to pray. I never go to a temple and no one asks me too. I am a Hindu.
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First of all, as a Hindu who has been raised by Hindu parents, I'm seriously insulted by some of these definitions! A Hindu is not a hippie, by definiton. Hinduism is not polytheism. Jains are not Hindus. And we are not evil blood-sucking vegetarians or whatever the hell you think.

Okay, Hinduism is not actually a religion. Just thought I'd clear that up. A Hindu was one who lives in the Indus Valley Civilization, near the Indus river. They were the most advanced people in the world (we invented the sewer system, bitch!). They had many different religions that were very similiar, such as Advaita.

These religions were actually monotheistic. God is one but exists in different forms. You can pray to one form for strength and protection, and pray to another form for wisdom and knowledge. It keeps things simple. Each form has a female counterpart, but once again, these are simply incarnations. There is only one God. When you pray to Vishnu, you're just praying to God. When you pray to Durga, you're still praying to God.

The religions from the Hindu civilization have been merged to form the religion we know today as Hinduism. Those who are Hindus by blood are the descendants of this great civilization. Those who convert aren't, but they're cool anyway.

Hindus pray in temples. The 'dot on the forehead' is known as a bindi. It's there for medical reasons, actually. Those really old scientists knew that that place just above where your eyebrows meet is also an important place for the nerves in your brain.
"That woman is a Hindu"

"ROFLMAO!!!! ThAT bRoWn Gai iS a HiNDOO!!!!!" <---this is incorrect. Not all brown people are Hindus.
by Who cares who I am? November 14, 2006
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The world's oldest religion. It's the world's most liberal religion, and is the only religion that teaches that it is completely acceptable to follow whatever religion one wishes, as long as you are benefitting positively and are helping people along the way. It does not have strict threats or eternal damnation, but it also does not have a heaven. Instead, Hindus are taught to be as kind-hearted as possible, because kindness in this life will benefit them in the next life. In the next life, they are expected to be even more kind. Basically, Hindus aren't allowed to be anything but nice. In Hinduism, followers are not forced to believe in "one true god" or "one true text." Instead, Hindus are taught that everyone is entitled to their belief. Hinduism holds a lot of science to it, which is peculiar because it is the oldest religion. It is considered the most-liked religion of people who don't follow it, the second being Pagans and the least-liked being Christianity.
My parents were born and raised Hindus, but chose science instead, becoming atheists. Because Hinduism encourages this, they were able to attend medical school and business school to learn more about math and science, and raised me to believe whatever I want. I chose atheism, but I still admire Hinduism for its ethics and beliefs.
by BoJason November 27, 2013
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