A person who performs a lot of oral sex.
Why would you even date her.? She's an eater.
by trapstar1 December 12, 2016
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a girl who fucks alot;;basically in a click of homeboys she done fucked all them;;

nigga 1: brah i like that hoe right there she bad

nigga2: man that hoe a mut she done fuck all the boys

nigga 1: oh she anit none but a ole EATER

nigga2: man tell that Eater to come eat us up

nigga1: eat me eat me
by aishek April 14, 2009
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An eater is a denomination of the female sex commonly known for playing with the hearts and emotions others
Phil: bro she never even liked me she was just playin with me
Kyle: yo bitches is eaters
by Xxxtentacionkikexx May 31, 2017
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An eater is a word guys use to call girls skanky or slutty. Girls that basically give it up to anyone and/or are just slutty and dress that way are considered eaters.
Fred: "Kelly, I heard you've been sleeping with all my friends. You're such an eater!"
by DamnBitchIzFine May 13, 2006
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