In legal or police jargon, CDS is an acronym for "Controlled Dangerous Substance".
The suspect was charged with possession of CDS.
by EJ Lugo April 28, 2006
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Cranial Dick Slap. To smack someone in or about the forehead region with ones penis.
Private McDaniel administered a CDS on Private Varner.
by bandit darville October 22, 2008
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(n) College Dick Sucker; someone who is willing to do anything and everything for college
I respect getting into good colleges, but that guy is just a total CDS
by Toilet Mike April 15, 2016
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"Cold, Dark, Suck," also heard as "Cold, Dark, Snow," is the time when winter begins to manifest itself with reduced daylight and colder temperatures. The darkness is particularly noticeable the first day Daylight Saving Time ends.
It's dark. CDS is upon us.
by durette November 7, 2016
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Cock Deprivation Syndrome
yep, she's totally suffering from CDS.
by minuscipher March 23, 2011
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Caffeine Delivery System - the method one chooses to introduce various quantities of caffeine into the body to stay awake.
Mark's CDS isn't working this morning -- look at him snoozing on his desk. Let's go get him a double espresso.
by L2M April 29, 2009
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CDS also known as the Crooks defence squad 😤😤 we on some psychic level shit fr!! We got Trees and Phone! On repeat all the time. The OG crookofcrooks gang. Y’all stream his shit tho fr it BANGS
Yaris: “yo you seen that crookies gang?”
Syd: “NAH we on that CDS shit now 😤”
by Syd 😌 January 24, 2019
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