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A type of coffee made by forcing very hot water through finely ground and tightly packed coffee resulting in a dark, sometimes bitter tasting, drink.

Espresso is served in shots of around 1.5 ounces, and is frequently added to steamed milk to make various coffee beverages.

Often mistakenly called "expresso".
I just spent an entire month's worth of paychecks on a new espresso machine. I will never sleep again.
by Austin December 01, 2003
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Espresso = Coffee Squared.

Really strong coffee served in a teeny tiny cup, meant to be drank in little sips or in one big gulp like a shot. Is also used to make Americano (or a normal coffee) by adding water, or a Cappucino or Latte by adding hot milk and froth, or a Mocha by adding chocolate powder, milk and froth.
Most coffee shops put 2 shots of espresso in any coffee, so if you like your coffee strong, ask for an extra shot, if you like it weak, ask for one less.
Andy drank a shot of espresso and had the caffine twitches for an hour.

Louise is such a wimp, she drinks grande latte's with only one shot of espresso. It's hardly worth it!
by mmmerangue March 07, 2007
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