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Syd is by far the nicest person you'll ever meet. They like hugs and are funny as hell and will always cheer you up no matter how bad of a place youre in. They'll stay up with you all night messaging you and sending you funny pictures of themselves on snapchat. They probably have a dog and a little brother. They are really smart and good at school and may seem quiet at first but once you start talking to them, they'll open up and be cute and chaotic. Syd is amazing and you should never take them for granted because you'll regret it one day. If you are mean to Syd, you are stupid and I will personally come and fight you. Syd is incredible and will stop you from doing stuff you'll regret because if you meet a Syd, your life will change completely. Syd's are the best kinds of people
person 1 : "wow, I love syd so much"
person 2 : "we know, you never shut up about them"
person 1 : "hehe I know"
by dyl :) April 15, 2020
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The most amazing girl one will ever meet
Dude, Syd is a fkn riot. Shes like awesome in like every way
by S-id April 24, 2010
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Also spelled Cid, spell it any damn way you want to. Slang for LSD. Used long before Eminem ever learned how to wipe his ass.
Dude, we're gonna drop some Syd tonight and veg. You in or out man?
by Jerry hates rap June 28, 2005
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Our hallucinatory friend Syd, is an imaginative word for the underlying spirit of acid. Popularized by Eminem as slang for acid..."Try syd and get fucked up worse than my life is. My brain's dead, wait, I'm trying to get my head straight"
Our friend syd dropped by to say hello, and ever since then we've been trippin balls.
by Kat November 20, 2004
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