Psychic relates to the supernatural capabilities of the mind. While there is no proof that psychic powers really exist, there are many believers. Here is a list of the psychic powers I can think of.

1)Future Sight - You can predict events that have not yet occured.

2)Telekinesis - My favorite. You can move objects around using nothing but your mind. Many video games, books, and shows portray telekinesis as being very powerful and capable of lifting heavy objects. Supposed real life telekinesis can only do small things like opening doors and levitating very small objects.

3)Pyrokinesis - You can control fire to an extent.

4)Remote Viewing - You can see events without actually being there. I bet most guys would use it to watch chicks undress without risk of getting caught.

5)Mind control - You can influence people's minds or completly take control of thier bodies.
-Telekinetic Guy: Psychic Wedgie!
-Victim: Bastard! Just because your psychic doesn't mean you gotta rub it in our faces.
by EvilPizzaMan July 03, 2005
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I don’t know. But if you do have a power I believe you.Im weird and don’t understand anything about my own power just wondering if there are others like me.
Around the age of 14 I started to have weird dreams psychic dreems. I would dreem about people I never met and then meet them days later.The most similar thing I could find something was in a book called “Guardians of Gahull “ now I referred to my power as star gaze and Cary on with my life.What do you feel I’ll check this page once a month plz answer my call.
by A lonely olw June 23, 2019
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A person with a special talent to see things others may not see.
The psychic boy saw the spirit beside his friend.
by lmfaoguy September 14, 2010
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1. A deluded person who had trouble making friends as a child, and over the years has grown to believe their own mystic crap
2. A cynical person who has realised the ease with which a deluded person can be ripped off.
see also religion
Your husband is happy in the afterlife and suggests you take my psychic course ($10,000) so that you may continue to speak to him
by Boz April 22, 2005
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A person who is stupid, deluded or a fraud.
I walked up to the "psychic", punched him in the face and said "You didn't see that coming, did you?".
by PancakeFeatures July 31, 2006
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Special powers of the mind. I am a psychic myself. Some powers that exist are:

1.) Procognition: Seeing the future
2.) Clairvoyance: Knowing that an event is taking place right at the moment; seeing an object(example: A picture you have never seen before) in a sealed box or other.
3.) Telekinesis: Moving objects with mind power alone. Not just small objects either. How heavy an object you can lift depends on how skilled you are with Telekinesis.
4.) Electrokinesis: Controlling electricity.
5.) Telepathy: Reading one's thoughts, and being able to feel how another is feeling.

Psychic powers don't work the way one might think: You look at someone and you can read their mind. No. It doesn't work that way. You have to relax and meditate practically on a regular basis.
She used her telekinesis to unlock the door.
by psychic girl July 28, 2005
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