A liberal arts college (once known as Western Maryland) located in the boonies of Westminster. Full of rich kids from MoCo and Baltimore County who mix with other rich kids from New York and Jersey. Everyone smokes. The McDaniel campus is probably the #1 cause of lung cancer in Carroll County.
I went to McDaniel and all I got was this tobacco addiction.
by McDaniel Student October 15, 2010
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Some Hot 12 year that smokes weed for fun. Hes also dating a hot senior in college. He has lost his virginity and has a small peen.
Hey that kid McDaniel is pretty epic.
by Ima Spoob January 11, 2019
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A nickname applied to persons named Daniel who reach a near-global level of popularity within a social sphere.

Derived from the combination of the proper name Daniel and McDonald's, the name of a world-wide fast food chain.
This party just reached celeb status; McDaniel's just walked in!
by Shih Tzu Kung Fu Masta May 01, 2008
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Someone who sucks dick everyday for money and believes that dick is a popsicle flavor. This person eats sleeps and eats Dick an enjoys it. His main hobbies include eating Dick and more Dick. This person is straight. I think
Jacob mcdaniel. You suck alot of dick
by Trey fuck March 25, 2014
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A person that should rail me :)
Girl one: have you heard of Ag Mcdaniel from TikTok?
Girl two: Oh yes, she's so hot
Girl one: yeah, she could rail me
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The name someone acquires when they split their pants in the crotch area while going commando. Also known as DP McDaniels.
Did you see what happened to Jared when he got back back from lunch? He's a real Dickpants McDaniels!!
by DP McDaniels August 08, 2008
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