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An essential vitamin, without which one suffers from headaches, depression, sudden violent anger, sluggishness, muddled thinking, and crankiness.
I once went 10 months without vitamin C and only suffered a mild bout with scurvy and tooth loss...I went 24 hours without caffeine and that's why I'm doing life without parole.
by megnao flimpis July 17, 2003
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The only drug it's socially acceptable to be completely addicted to.
"Don't do drugs, kids" said the teacher as she sipped on her extra-large coffee, consuming 200 mg of caffeine in the process.
by Trajork September 15, 2009
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the only reason Americans make it to class or their jobs
Why didn't you go to work today?

I didn't drink caffeine
by jsgiv May 19, 2008
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A wonderful stimulant and vitamin that is an essential part of everyday life for those who would like to avoid sleep, or just be generally more productive. Diety, ritual, and drug rolled into one.
Bawls, coffee, jolt, some teas, jolt gum, mountain dew, diet coke, amp, red bull, etc. sells a lot of alternative sources, but then again, 7-11 does too.
by CaffeineHead January 19, 2005
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"A strong legal stimulant that is far more practical to snort in it's pure form than ingest by drinking disgusting, gut-wrenching coffee. Snorting caffeine produces an immediate energy rush and more intense buzz than drinking"

Very true. But remember, kids... If you want to snort pure caffeine, don't even consider crushing up a No-Doz and railing it... Eww... Talk about a nasty drip.
"Man, if it wasn't for me snorting caffeine instead of having the usual cup of coffee, I'd probably have gotten fired for not showing up to work in the mornings."
by SillyJessi February 14, 2006
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