The place that will fuck you in the asshole with student debt.
Person 1: Hey Bruh I'm gonna go to College.

Person 2: Have fun getting fucked by student debt!
by Ese Loco Ghost November 15, 2016
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A place where you go to escape the real world, most likely out of fear. Your first 2 years of college is just a dignified boarding school where you take more classes you can take in high school, then you finally decide what you want to do by junior year when you finally got hit in the head a few times and realize that before your 30 that you should get married and have kids. College is not as spectacular as you think it is . You still got the drama, the jocks, the nerds, just like high school. You have homework just like high school and you still have a chance to act in a play or play a sport just like high school. Where else can you get access to a music production studio or play basketball. Very rare is real life. In high school, you can escape drama by going home to your mommy and daddy. Now you are forced to live with this smelly guy who pukes on your sociology textbook and feeds his math homework to his goats.
College is just high school on jolt. Same thing.
by kyle230 April 21, 2010
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The loneliest place that I ever been to.
(From a recent online conversation)

- So you went to American college. That means that you were partying non-stop, right?

- Nope, not really.

- Well, I saw some American movies and I thought that this is the only thing that everyone is doing in college.

- Yeah - you can see zombies and walking dead in American movies too. Doesn't mean that they actually exist.
by Stereot March 31, 2011
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-The biggest mistake of my life.

-Do not fucking bother.

-A great way to dig yourself into infinite debt.
Thanks to my poor judgement, I now have to spend the next 30 years paying back every dime I make to my college!

If any moron can get a degree these days, what's the point of spending the money?
by I_HATE_COLLEGE January 20, 2012
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A highly overated pyramid scheme in which, in exchange for four+ years of your life, you get financially raped by the school bookstore, tuition office, and the american educational system. And as a bonus you get a piece of paper called a 'Duh-Gree' which you pin to your shirt so potential employers will know why you are so stupid.
EMPLOYER: So why do want to work here?
EX-STUDENT: Because I went to college, and therefore I am entitled to a high paying job.
EMPLOYER: Of course. I think you will do well with us. Here is a corner cubicle where you'll spend the rest of your life complaining about why you never get a raise and dropouts are making more than you.
EX-STUDENT: Sounds great! The job world isn't so hard after all.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 2, 2005
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A place of conformity, stuck-up people, stds and brainwashing. Overpriced and worthless.
When College rejects you for admission, don't get upset. Be thankful that you dodged a bullet.
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Educators don't think of students as purchasers of a service (customers)
by anonymous March 3, 2004
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