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The place that will fuck you in the asshole with student debt.
Person 1: Hey Bruh I'm gonna go to College.

Person 2: Have fun getting fucked by student debt!
by Ese Loco Ghost November 14, 2016
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A place where you go to escape the real world, most likely out of fear. Your first 2 years of college is just a dignified boarding school where you take more classes you can take in high school, then you finally decide what you want to do by junior year when you finally got hit in the head a few times and realize that before your 30 that you should get married and have kids. College is not as spectacular as you think it is . You still got the drama, the jocks, the nerds, just like high school. You have homework just like high school and you still have a chance to act in a play or play a sport just like high school. Where else can you get access to a music production studio or play basketball. Very rare is real life. In high school, you can escape drama by going home to your mommy and daddy. Now you are forced to live with this smelly guy who pukes on your sociology textbook and feeds his math homework to his goats.
College is just high school on jolt. Same thing.
by kyle230 April 21, 2010
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The place where you build your beer bong community. Also defined as a place where male humans find fresh female humans to ride on.
"Better wash your balls and brace for unexpected blowjobs because we're going to college!"
by Ertceps March 06, 2014
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where dreamers can go to secure a plan B for their future employment prospects
Jenny always wanted to be a singer-songwriter, but her parents persuaded her to choose English as a college major, for a fallback plan. She later married a 1950s-style brute who orders her to edit all of his work-related documents and to have dinner on the table by five every night. Life can be so tragic sometimes.
by D.S. Credito March 05, 2015
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1. Just like high school, but harder, and more expensive. 4 (or more) years of wasting your parents money and learning shit that you wont remember once you start working.
2. Hell
by Meno February 27, 2005
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A magical place where it is rumored that learning takes place, although to those who enter it is often described differently afterward, as a beatiful land in which beer flows in amber currents next to a golden pasture, where virgins lie naked with gentle smiles upon their calm, inviting faces; but more precisely, a Shangri-La rite of passage into adulthood which involves rampant consumption of alcoholic beverages, flagrant and promiscuous sexual behavior, and a general and fundamental disregard for any form of responsibility by its habitants.
by Phlagellum September 23, 2003
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