Another term for being way too fucked up off a substance.
Jake: Yo, you good bro?

Joey: Yeahhh I'm good but this weed got me Cranial right now.
by RealJay January 4, 2021
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1: Deceptive synonym for "boneheaded." Useful as a parting comment as it may take several moments to discover what the now absent speaker meant.
2: To speak beyond one's faculties
1: "Your thoughts on the war in Iraq are very cranial"
2: "He wanted to be cerebral, but came across very cranial"
by grepclue May 29, 2007
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1. n. A condition noted by behaving in such a puerile, obnoxious, and moronic manner as to have one's head up his or her ass. Note that things are dark and smelly for someone with this condition.
2. When someone is severely afflicted to the point that his or her shoulders are two-blocked against the buttocks, this is known as "perpendicular cranial rectitis."
Why do all those Hollywood idiots have such cranial rectitis?
Boy, Harry Reid debates with all the intellectual acumen of SpongeBob SquarePants. How did he contract perpendicular cranial rectitis?
by Dan1271 October 23, 2007
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A condition where the head is stuck up one's rectum, preventing this individual from seeing and discerning facts. Usually treated by a Glassectomy

See Also: Head Rectumitis, Cranial Rectal Inversion
That jerk has severe Cranial Rectumitis and needs a Glassectomy!
by Travelin Neil June 22, 2006
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condition. person that has their head up their ass.
"My boss has cranial rectosis"
by enchanted1 October 9, 2003
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The serious medical condition where the sufferer is known to have their head lodged firmly and permanently up their own ass. Symptoms are readily apparent in the patient's behavior and verbal interactions.
Ross' behavior was nigh on inexplicable... the only possible explantion for his asinine behavior was a terminal case of Cranial Rectimitus.
by Tron Engewar February 3, 2008
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A severe medical condition caused by excessive arrogance and ignorance resulting in one's head becoming lodged into their anal rectal region.
My customer was yelling and belittling me . I determined he suffered from Cranial Rectitus.
by K-Krunk November 5, 2017
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