Small hatchback car produced by Toyota, Also known as the Vitz and Echo in other countries. It is better than the likes of the Vauxhall Corsa because it is more reliable, faster and made in japan :P
That boy is driving a Yaris - Look how much more impressive it is than that shitty Corsa :P
by BL!TZ October 18, 2005
Literally translated, means "It's a Car." Manufactured by Toyota with a wimpy 1.5 liter 4 cylinder, squirrel-powered engine. Fun to drive and cheap to own.
I love my Toyota Yaris.
by KImCobain March 4, 2015
The act of being Yarised on or getting Yarised. Not for the faint of heart.
A Yaris comes by you with alarming speed and proceeds to fart rice all over your vehicle. You've been Yarised...


I Yaris. You Yaris. She shouldn't Yaris. Real men Yaris.


Man that was so Yaris.


That has to be the sweetest Yaris I've ever seen.
by bronzebullet232 December 2, 2009
A small car, that has a vaginal shaped steering wheel and center console. Slow, but roomy. Often nicknamed a Vag due to the interior or a Mini Camry due to the exterior
Dude, the Toyota symbol on your Yaris's steering wheel must be the clitoris
by TacosForTaku February 24, 2009
Tom: My mom is coming to meet me after school today in her Yaris.
Eric: Dude, You are riding in shit!
by madlqd September 25, 2008
A human mucus membrane of any sort. ass rectum vagina pussy box ears mouth nostrile eyes
Quick, hide this shit in your yaris.
by awunderlich September 1, 2006
Is a kind and unique girl. This name is usually used for Hispanics. She is beautiful and thick. Gets many things done, and always has time for her true love. She does not like her heart getting played. She's very sensitive and the jealous type. But if you take care of her and treat her with love. She'll love you always. She loves having a bestfriend who cares and knows a lot, knows when she's about to start arguing and knows when she loves you. She will always love you, and if she cares about you than you're her world. Take care of her.
Yarielis, needs love and hope.
by Loved.shawtyy💕 August 11, 2016