An absolute yes that implies far more than a simple yes. Alternately, an affirmative response with minimal energy.
"You mean they actually did XYZ? Yep.... long silence. Translation: "Yes, they did, can you believe they had the gall!"
"Are you going to sit there all day? Yep...." Translation: "Yes, I most certainly am, and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it."
by Alan Barrow April 29, 2003
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you're drinkin a beer, and u dont have nothin else to say.
by Giuseppi October 9, 2002
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yep - (1) interjection (2)adjective:

1. Affirmative, yes, to convey agreeance.
2. Gives the subject a good characteristic, feeling or appearance.
In the case of (2) this is a contextual word, ie: the use of the words around it define the exact meaning of yep.

"She is all yep" - The subject is in some way desirable, or has said or performed something desirable or agreeable to the speaker.
"Yep, that's a yep" - A double confirmation. Generally used after confirmation has been asked for on a particular subject.
by Cabji August 3, 2003
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What you say when someone asks you a stupid question.
Somebody: Remember that person?
You: Yep.
by PetabyteStudios March 22, 2019
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The word you use when you really want piss your girlfriend(s) off after they send you one of those messages where she is trying to spark a long in depth conversation about your relationship after you simply say "i am going out tonight."
by NotThatGuy2015 January 15, 2011
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That response to a question that is both legitimate and sarcastic; as in Storage Wars..."Yep" Said in a sing-song way that confuses all those listening
Dude, you joining us for some beers after work? Yep

Hey, did you get that report done for the meeting? Yep

Dude, your wife is hot. Yep
by engineer222 October 12, 2011
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Word "yep" is similar to "yes". It is just a modern word.
IVIE:Do you want to go to park with me?
by February 15, 2021
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