1. to ejaculate, in both the literal and non-literal sence;

Most likely derived from the emptying of sperm form the testicels.
1. She's so hot she makes me want to bust a nut;
by S. Werner April 26, 2006
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frustration, anger; a hyperbole used when in great displeasure.
If Jim doesn't show up to rehearsal today, I'm gonna bust a nut.
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by teenangstbullshit February 16, 2018
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let a white substance explode from the penis through a vigourous hand motion
Damn homie, that muthafucka is bustin his nut in the bathroom.......
by ginder July 17, 2003
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extrenuous action. To exert a lot of force causing fatigue, tiredness, exaustion, and possibly pain. Causing a hernea.
I almost busted a nut pulling that root from the ground. Don't bust a nut picking up that 100lb bag.
by Sewage November 11, 2003
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to come, ejaculate, bust, jizz, drop a load, sploge
im reddy to bust a nut ... rollin down the street smokin indo sippin on gin and juice LAY back wit my mind on my money and my money on my mind
by will August 11, 2004
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1) To be overcome with extreme anger and rage to the point where you bust another man's nuts with a baseball bat.
2) Ejaculate
I've been waiting 1,177 years to play the Xbox One! And if I don't get to play real soon, I'm gonna bust a nut!!!!
by DarthKieduss December 24, 2013
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