A place on a woman to deposit your load.
I pulled my cock out and shot it on her belly.
by Little Johnny June 16, 2004
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Short for belly up. Originally from fisherman in the northwest. Denotes a dead fish, which float belly-up. Shortened to "belly" due to familiarity of the term. Refers to fishing conditions or condition of the boat or even the captain and crew.
How's business been this year? Response: Belly. If things don't turn around around soon, I'll be in a food line.

Rex, was really drunk last night. How is is he doing today?
He's been throwing up all day. He's belly.
by DutchRub February 21, 2010
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1. (Adj) Being fat; fatness; a large beer belly/gut. usually used as though it is the past tense of the verb "belly" (below)

2. (N proper) An entity (allegedly from another planet) which is the source of fatness in people (esp. weight lifters that think they are massive, but are, in fact, fat).

3. (N common)When someone is fat, they are said to posess belly (rather than the inverse (above)). This is usually a less severe form of belly

4. (V) To get fat; to be fat

5. (N proper) Part of a triad of symptoms - Belly, Basy and Bald - which result in 3 B Syndrome, an unfortunate disease which results from not exercising, over eating, crap chat and hair loss.
1. That guy is bellied

2. Belly's got you in his clutches
Belly's hiding in those cakes

3. You've got belly.

4. She is well bellying it up
by Macrophage June 10, 2006
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someone... who is very loverly...

ylled sah a ylleb eheh... ym ylleb!!!
belly is my belly... and my belly only...
by mememe February 1, 2005
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Binary penis comparison technique.
Two erect men stand facing each other. They slowly move towards one another and the first who's tip touches the other's belly wins.
Everybody lies about penis size, the only way to know for sure is if we go belly to belly on one another.
by olgalatepu March 12, 2019
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The Sexiest Part of the MALE body especially if it is of the DAD bod variety
"I saw Sebastian's belly and got all hot n' bothered."

"I love rubbing my man's belly after cooking a big meal for him."

"He loves it when I sleep on him cuddling his belly. "

"His favorite female part on a woman is the boobs, whereas mine is a man's belly."

I'm a woman not interested in a man's a$$. I'm more interested in his BELLY."

He likes breast play playing with my breasts, and I love belly play, playing, massaging, squishing, overall loving on his belly."
by LunaForLunch September 26, 2020
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