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Refers to those bureaucrats who argue with you with an unmoving face. They are implaccable, unmoving, and uncaring.

As if theirfaces were carved from a wooden block.
I wentdown to the DMV, but the woodenface at the main counter wouldn't agree that a 6 foot 6 inch man with a 6 inch beard is a male, not female. I thought it was M (masturbation) and F (fucking) &, although M was true, I put down what I hoped for in the box for "sex?" when I first requested a license. I almost dropped trou to show her that I was male, but I bet even then she'd just ignore the facts & stick to her stupid made up mind.
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada April 5, 2022
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1. towards the north pole
2. as "The North" the upper half(or so) of USA
3. up or higher, referring to the direction on a wall map.
1. Let's go north & see the polar bears
2. The North is only good for one thing: damnyankees
3. a brand new Mercedes 450SL will cost you somewhere north of $80,000CAD
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada October 2, 2012
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punny & G-rated way of saying "I will slam my cock full & deeply inside of you.
Jen: I'm tired, cab anyone give me a ride home?
Biff: "Bend over, Baby, I'll drive you home."
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada August 7, 2022
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a) Canadian prison slang for a 5-year sentence (60 months) as in the federal prisons, this is considered a short sentence, which is the older meaning of a minute.
b) MINUTE: short period of time
How long you in for, mate?
Just a prison minute -- no biggie

"Hey, can I see you for a minute in my office?" ("You're the boss; let me drop everything & attend to your order.")
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada July 30, 2023
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little bits of shit stuck to your ass hairs that will NOT wipe off. aka dingleberries aka clingons around Uranus (or Klingons around your anus
Emma finally agrees to give Rick a rimjob and exclaims, "WTF?? What's chewy?"

Rick grins evilly & says, "Sorry, forgot to scrape off the willnots!"
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada May 8, 2009
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A person, usually female, whose voice is hot & sexy, but who's fat &/or ugly physically -- i.e. they'd make a great sexy model on the radio only.
Buddy: So I got this wrong number last week -- she sounded HOT! So I talked her into meeting me for drinks. Turns out she weighed about 400 pounds!

Friend: sounds like a radio model!

Buddy: I fucked her anyway!

Friends: Youda man!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada January 5, 2014
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1. Short for typographical error (mistake when typing, not indicative of not knowing how to spell)
2. used as an excuse when can't spell
3. synonym for fuck you, to those who point out any slips you've made, even if non typing related
1. Teacher: "Your paper shows THERI as an answer when it should be THEIR"
You: Sorry, typo
2. Teacher: "Your paper shows THEIR as an answer when it should be THEY'RE"
You: Sorry, typo
3. Teacher: "You put LONDON as an answer, when it's actually PARIS"
You: Typo!
by cyberpope67,BC,Canada September 14, 2010
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