v. I'm bouts to nut!

n. I bust my nut on that bitch ass!
by TimmyT June 6, 2003
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n. A typically nutrient filled seed that is used for plants to reproduce. A seed is considered a nut when it has a hard shell surrounding the meaty/nutrient rich part of the seed. Nuts typically have a plethora of protein, and consist of a baby flower embryo surrounded by a nutrient rich body of proteins. The nutrient rich part of the nut allows for a growth of the flower in early life.

n. The sky goddess in ancient Egyptian culture, the sister of Geb and the granddaughter of the creator god.

v. To experience rapid contractions on one's penis to the point of the release of semen, resulting in an emotional release of endorphin.
1. This nut mix is really good man. Gotta love them nuts.
2. recently we've been learning about Nut in ancient history.
3. Go faster, I'm gonna nut!
by Fesho February 24, 2017
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The tasty reward you get after giving a dude sum really good head.
Diane don't like to suck dick, but she does it real good anyway cause she luvs Nut!
by BxMuscle January 9, 2011
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A crazy person. You can also someone is nutty
That person is a Nut

That person is so Nutty
by DoorHandle1234 January 5, 2017
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Philly, PA slang for someone who is a punk, Fake, looserish, or corny
I don't want to talk to him he's a nut!
I don't like that nut-@$$ movie
by Anonymous May 1, 2003
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aw man! my left nut's killing me after you kicked me in the balls!
by Anonymous November 12, 2002
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