An adverb meaning something happened to a greater extent. If somebody (verb)ed the fuck out of (object), it means that person REALLY (verb)ed that (object) hardcore. see also: the shit out of
i'm so tired, i'm going to sleep the fuck out of my bed tonight.
by dunsap December 7, 2008
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"Wow, Naomi really fucked out Biology last year, lets hope she does better second time around."


"Don't forget to bring the cider for tonight's party"
"It's alright, I've got it covered, I'm not gonna fuck out."
by Nomtron August 15, 2006
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Shortened form of "get the fuck out".
"Hey, you're a bitch."

"Hey, David(my dumbass ex) fuck out."
by CoconutBanana April 20, 2010
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Used in response to sarcasm, disbelief, and or lies.
Synonyms: Loy, Oh Okay
Person 1: I just moved to West Palm and theres mad shorties out here.

Person 2: Oh, so you got shorties there?

Person 1: Fuck Out, not yet. But I will.
by wonder1872001 August 25, 2005
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A full body work-out through fucking
Matt - Hey Karen, you're looking really toned and svelt.....

Karen - Hey thanks, I had a great Fuck-Out last night
by sasha roulette May 5, 2010
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fucking out means to not give a shit, to ruin plans, stick it to the man, get back at the system, to fuck with the school asshole, etc.
I looked at that gay ass quarterback who had been messin with me all year, and i just kiced his ass into the ground, man. When i was sent to the office, i told the principal everythihng I honestly thought about his gay ass school, and was later expelled, man, i was really FUCKING OUT that day....good times....
by HULA BIRD October 17, 2005
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