A dumb spelling for lesbo. See lesbo and lesbian.
I like it when those lezbos lick each others pussy.
by Sammybo January 19, 2007
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Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds gay, same as no homo, but for women
by fransua May 7, 2008
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A woman that loves another woman,, SWEEEt
Susy........ Sweet
by Diego March 23, 2003
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To be lezboed, over-lezboed or lezboed out is to reach the stage where by one has seen SO MUCH lesbian pornography that hetrosexual porn no longer works to stimulate, unless it is of exceptional quality.
Frank: Hey Dave come see this chick getting ploughed!!
Dave: By another chick?
Frank: No, by a photocopy repairman
Dave: Wont do me much good, im lezboed out, only girl-on-girl works for me now.
by T Knox April 19, 2008
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When a guy asks a girl out on a date or wants to buy her a drink and she uses the excuse that she is gay.
1. Him, "Excuse me can I by you a drink?"
Her, "Your cute and all but sorry I'm a Lesbian!"
Buddy,"Dude she is so hot what happened?"
Him, "Man I can't believe she dropped the Lezbo Bomb on me!"

2. Him, "I really think we should stop being just friends and start dating each other."
Her, "Your awesome friend and like a brother to me but like I am totally a Lesbian now!"
Him, "Damn girl when did that happen? Thanks for dropping the Lezbo Bomb on me!"
by Zorged October 4, 2016
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