1. a shortening of the word mayonnaise
2. A derogatory term towards white people and perhaps with white skin.
Look at that fuckin mayo over there! Blastin his country music for the whole damn hood!
Yo pass the mayo
by Saudi c. August 10, 2016
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1. Short for Mayonnaise, a thick, creamy sauce or dressing that is made of vegtable oil, egg yolks, lemon juice or vinegar, and seasonings.

2. A rural county in the West of Ireland.
"Pass me da mayo, Jayo"
by Maddzy August 12, 2004
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1. a (noun) meaning a man with an overwhelming desire to have an extreme amount of sex. mayos are known to be very well indowed and make excellent boyfriends as well as lovers.

2. a (noun) mayo is a thick white substance, some people spread on sandwhiches. made from oil, eggs, vinegar and seasonings.
1. "mayo and i have amazing sex on a daily basis!"

2."i want some mayo on my sandwhich please."
by herbalangelkc February 4, 2010
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A small town on a peninsula just outside Annapolis, Maryland. Masters at beer pong, tubing/wakeboarding, and partying. You can find marijuana on almost every teenager over thirteen. Don't be to surprised by their abusive, vulgar, and often threatening language/behavior or if every white person you meet acts as if he were black. Also see Edgewater.
Out of Towner: Where the hell did you get all that weed?
Mayo Resident: Yo, where else but Mayo cracker? I won it kicking some white son of a bitch's ass at beer pong while at the sickest party EVER.
by sarababeee September 24, 2008
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when a man or woman is sexually aroused and releases a creamy sticky white substance from the genitalia region. see semen.

noun- the substance released.
while watching 2 girls 1 cup, simon mayoed everywhere.

why would you leave mayo stains on your bed?
by juddyyyyyyy July 11, 2008
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Which means "I love you".
Mayo, hayo, can I hug you and kiss you?
by sare_xx December 15, 2008
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a crude, tall, bald, african american male with a no shave chit and a poor outlook on life.
man 1: yo, look at that black dude, if he only had as much hair on his head as he did on his face, he'd be good.
man 2: yeah, that dude is a total mayo
by dave oh May 29, 2008
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