Adopted definition: To cum
Alternate adopted definition: To either fall on something that squishes your balls or to have something hit you right in the crotch
You and your friend are hanging out. Your friend was sitting on a tree branch and you pulled the tree branch down. When you let go, it flung him up and he landed back on it painfully. your friend now says, "I think I just bust a nut" as he slowly falls off the branch
by dankboo November 27, 2018
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1. to ejaculate (for males)
2. to pull a U-turn
3. to enjoy a bag of corn nuts
1. "During sex with his wife, last night, Larry bust a nut."
2. "To turn around, I'm gonna have to bust a nut."
3. "Enjoy yourself, we won't tell! Bust a nut with corn nuts!"
by jackanapes July 11, 2006
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Used to explain such anger or stress that the strain would split the testicle(s)
Dude, if you don't finish the before the deadline then they're gonna bust a nut!

I wouldn't be surprised if that bomb defusal squad bust a nut.
by Chainsaw Panda June 16, 2011
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ejectulateing semen (cuming)
I was having hot sex with sarah that made me bust a nut in her vagina
by John December 02, 2003
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