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To ejaculate, cumm, squeeze one off.
Also see Money Shot, Pearl Necklace.
When I was fucking Jenna I busted a nut all over her face, giving her a pearl necklace.
by ROCCO1 May 28, 2003
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While she was sucking my dick, I pulled out so I could bust a nut on her face
by ElDoughy July 18, 2003
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in the act of cumming or producing semen. usually occurs while jerking off.
boy 1: dude I busted the fattest nut last night to that hot girl Kathryn
boy 2: busting a nut just makes me more calmed down bro
by buster nutter June 3, 2020
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"It's been a few days, time to bust a nut."
by x January 23, 2003
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1) to come, ejaculate, get-off
2) to be overcome with an intense amount of emotion, generally of a surprised nature that can be either happy or angry
When I heard the news, I nearly busted-a-nut
by grkdaisy February 9, 2003
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to ejaculate; mainly into a woman's hole(mouth, anal, vaginal area, even ear)
Originated from busting semen out of your testicals(nut) which is where your semen is stored. Thats why they call it busting a nut. Busting semen out of your nuts.
I busted a nut in that bitches mouth on friday night, nigga.
by d April 17, 2005
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when you get youre special homemade mayo everywhere
im busting a nut in youre mouth
by busting a nut November 6, 2017
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