Yo dawg how much do you nut?
Like 23 times a day brother.
by Bruhsepphu January 28, 2019
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"I can't believe I failed my exams"

"did you revise?"


"Well then no wonder you failed you nut!"
by youngscribe December 23, 2017
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It has multiple uses and definitions.

Are you crazy?

What the fuck!?!

Are you STOOPID?!
James, "Want to fuck?"

Lisa, "Are you nut?! You're my brother."

Jenny *tries to kiss Jay*

Jay *dodges*
Jay proceeds to yell in a pineapple matter, "Are you nut?! I'm gay!"

Ryan, *proceeds hit another car in the mall parking lot*

Reynolds (the sexually intimidating victim) whispered in a distressed manner, "That's concerningly unfortunate."

Ryan, "Sorry I'm an applesquareious and the moon was shiny, so I hit your car."
Reynolds looks at crazy astrology girl, "Are you nut?"
by Batman's left toe October 20, 2021
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