A thin stripped, close shaven, pubic trim. A pubic cut that allows women to wear extremely revealing bathing apparel. A pube trim usually used by woman.
Max: "How much lower could that babe wear her Bikini bottoms; I can just see the top of her clitoris!"
Scott: "No kidding dude. What a piece of eye-candy. She obviously has a Brazillian. When it gets a little longer perhaps she will let me trim it with my teeth."
by psiscott April 10, 2006
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A group of people that lives in the country of Brazil that typically speaks Portuguese.
im going to visit brazil and may or may not be an brazillian.
(i don't really know what to put here tbh)
by the samurai ship October 8, 2017
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waxing a punani to leave only a tiny landing strip of muff at the top
"dude you can't get a brazillian on yo ass crack!!!"
by glasrauch April 9, 2003
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An extremely high number, often cited by people of a less than average intelligence.
Man: There must have been a brazillian of them!
by D3stri July 15, 2006
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o - An extremely massive number, huge beyond comprehension
o - An integer that is so large beholders become paralyzed with indecision
George Bush is in a meeting with his cabinet, and Donald Rumsfeld walks in to give a briefing on the war. "Mr. President, today in the war in Iraq, 3 Brazillion soldiers were killed."

Bush puts his head in his hands and moans, "Oh NO, 3 brazillians ???" The Cabinet is shocked, because Bush doesn't normally react to foreign casualties. Then he lifts his head up and says, "Wait a minute - how many's in a Brazillion?"
by Shamantiks June 4, 2006
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varieties have adjusted amounts of vodka or coffee liqueur, or mixed brands of coffee liqueur. this drink always includes horse semen. it is shaken with ice and served in a tumbler glass on the rocks.
if the dude ran out of milk and was on a racetrack he would go down to the stalls and get horse semen by a secret ritual... he then would proceed to make the white brazillian
by meltedcereal August 7, 2012
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The act of inserting testicles into an individual’s mouth and then violently and repeatedly beating them on their forehead with erect penis.
The judge ruled that a brazillian beatdown was a cruel and unusual punishment.

Given the choice between a brazillian beatdown and walking home, my wife opted for the former as punishment for forcing me to search for her after the party was over.

My forehead swole after getting a Brazillian Beatdown. Next time I will know to pass my pre-calculas exam.
by Mike James Jr. February 10, 2010
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