A state in which a man's penis is filled with blood and gets harder, also the penis becomes longer.
Having an erect penis is the worst in public places but best in private when you are sexually stimulated, and when the penis becomes harder, longer, and filled with blood.

Jim was in health class when he saw Jane's cleavage. He felt a slight bulge in his pants as it started to get larger. This was unfortunate because Jim was called up to do a presentation on the heart. When he was up there he couldn't help himself from looking at Jane's cleavage. Everyone noticed his erect penis and that he was looking at Jane's cleavage. Soon he began rubbing his cock and felt himself about to ejaculate. In a few seconds he let out about 8 ounces of the hot sticky semen. Jane always had a crush on Jim and they started having sex in class. Soon everyone else did too and it was a cum bath in health. Soon the principal came in to see how it was going and then got a huge erect penis. He decided he needed help. He noticed all the cum everywhere and felt himself stroking his penis. He cummed more than ever that day. Jane and Jim dated. Jim told his friends that Jane sucked cock better than anyone in the world. Then Jane got into porn guzzling semen. One time Jane got to suck the former principal's cock and got excited. His cock when erect was 20 inches! When he saw her bouncing breasts he couldn't hold it in and cummed his pants before shooting the porn. Embarrassed he went to the bathroom giving his huge cock a spanking.
by Wet Window September 24, 2017
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The point where ur penis is kinda hard and ur excited but still have ur pants on. You might be dancing with some fine slut and she'll feel a little bump comin through and grind that shit like she's fuckin got an itch.
Guy 1: Shit man, i got a semi erect penis when i was dancing with her.
Guy 2: Did she grind that shit like there was no tomorrow?
Guy 1: Nah she only likes nello and his big bulge.
by dew dogg May 22, 2006
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A person with red hair that sticks up.
<Stunta> HA! Look at that kid!
<Polka> Yeah! What a fully erect penis head, bro!
<Stunta> Righteous!
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 1, 2003
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