worthwhile pain to get wonderfully smooth legs that stay like that for about 3 weeks.
Guy: Damn it girl how do you get pins that smooth?
Girl: I've just had my waxing done
by Msci June 02, 2004
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If something's awesome or cool or interesting, or just generally positive, it's "waxing". Derived from the cycles of the moon. Opposite of waning.
I fucking love your new car, blud, it's waxing!!
by SpazOnTheHorizon January 06, 2012
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When a human being scratches the vinyl, (spinning records)
Turntable style. When you dig music and like it so much that you have a different beat in each ear.

Just chillin', waxing' (waxin')
by Shake and Bake December 12, 2006
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Can be used to refer to masturbating or to a person being stupid. (aka douching it)
Johnny was playing gta and waxing it hard.
by SHANAN3G3NMAK3Rs February 19, 2015
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A highly concentrated form of THC, similar to Hash, that is a waxy substance and smoked to get high
Hey I scored some Wax lets go blaze it up
by Drog65 January 05, 2014
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