pussy; usually good.(clean, shaved, not used alot.
yo i heard there gonna be mad trim at that party this week.
by $PAZZ April 1, 2003
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pussy; vagina; and/ or ass
by Ryanthedon September 20, 2005
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The leaves and small buds from cannabis plants, left over after the larger buds and the stems have been removed.
"Can I have your trim after harvest?"
"Trim is expensive in Colorado."
by BeansonToast August 11, 2015
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1. (adj.) - slender, slim, lean.
2. (verb) - to remove excess, as in trimming a t-bone steak, or trimming hair.
3. (noun) - the leading edge on an aircraft's wings, even it's propellors.
4. (noun-slang) - a woman's naughty place. (Damn! Does it always have to be pussy? Probably won't ever get to the end of the definitions under pussy. I mean, I love it (pussy), but cripes! How about snatch, beaver, hot tuna, slippery lips, carpet hole, bearded clam, squeeze box, red riding-my-hood, wonder valley, glistening bliss hole; even the better hole, piping hot tulip or milky onion once in a while would be nice. ... Do you get that I'm messing with you? Go write definitions for those crazy synonyms!)
5. (noun-slang) - sexually, any woman, when one is seeking some sweet lovin' (As in: Couldn't get any trim tonight, huh, dumbass?)

also: trimmed, trimming, trims.
2, 5, 1 & 2 again - I trimmed the steak as I watched all the trim dance their trim butts off in the freshly trimmed yard.
3 & 4 - She slid her trim along the Gulfstream V's trim. I nearly barfed at the bizarre and highly infectious act of sexual lunacy.
by ringhorne July 27, 2005
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Eddie Murphy in "48 Hours":
"I've got to get me some trim, man!"
by Anonymous December 5, 2002
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to get a hair cut
yo im going for a trim
by Sneaky J June 23, 2003
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Hot, good-looking girls - also could mean a girl whose pussy is shaven - also look for "rim" - short for trim
"Yo, I walked into the club and saw mad trim / rim walking around"
by "Nasty" Natrone Means April 24, 2003
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