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A term - perhaps invented in Muskoka - used to describe the watersport of being pulled behind a fast moving ski-boat on a large sea biscuit or inner-tube. The inner-tube usually has a smooth bottom, furnished so as to not end up in a phenomenal cartwheel-like wipeout; although this is infact what the watchers of the tuber are looking for!
The best way to tube is to criss-cross the boat wake gaining a wider and wider arc so as to increase speed to upwards of 100 mph. Once this speed is neared, the tuber is likely to hit the wake, become airborn and perform a maniacal wipeout forgotten since the days of Evel Kneivel.
Max: "Look at those dudes tubing. The boat must be doing 50, the guys gotta be arcing at a-hundred!!!"

Scott: "Woaaa...there he goes!.....There's the tube....Where's the dude?!!"

Max: "THERE HE IS up in that pine tree."
by psiscott April 11, 2006
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A term used in error through ignorance or due to low self esteem to try to bring the actual level of one's stature or image up from the level of a trench or sewage bin.
The actual term - and the correct one - which is on the minds and tongues of the users is "CAMEL JOCKEY."
Habib: "I ride a horse, I am an Arabian Knight."

Scott: " You got it half right Habib, you are an Arabian but whilst positioned on that....fragile..under-fed....equine, you are actually a camel jockey.' Notice the large HUMP positioned between the back and front end of the creature and the long snotty snout. You are riding a camel, and transporting it to Iraq...You are a camel jockey."
by psiscott April 21, 2006
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An extremely popular alcoholic beverage of the 1980s. Even guys were drinking this fruity concoction made of 1 shot of Vodka, 1 shot of Peach Schnapps and 2-3 parts orange juice. The best Fuzzy Navel would use REAL UNconcentrated orange juice. Wannabee "Cocktail" bartenders like Tom Cruise would argue which Schnapps was the best. Conclusively if it was/is a Schnapps made in Europe or Canada, it would very likely qualify as good enough. Bols from the Netherlands was a fine choice of many Nancy boy bartenders and good enough for the straight crowd as well.
Dwight: *- dancing to 'Safety Dance' -* "Hey Bro, could you order me a Fuzzy Navel!?"
Pat: *- staring at him like he just got pissed on -* "What is THAT man??!"
Dwight: *- exiting the dance floor seriously perturbed -* "Forget it man; just keep sucking on your pathetic wobbley pop loser."
Beth: *- overhearing the argument -* "Did I hear you say 'Fuzzy Navel!?' I'd love one; and can I take you home tonight so I can blow your socks off!"
by psiscott April 11, 2006
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Epitome of cool in the acting world. This dude started out cool and nearly froze being so cool! Clint has spoken some of - if not THE - coolest lines in movie history. Clint Eastwood movies are a must watch for all men and cool women to boot! The example section will remind Clint fans of some of his best lines as well as introduce any idiots - who don't know who he is - to this phenom.
A FEW Clint Eastwood lines from various movies, quotes may not be EXACT but are close, There are likely a hundred more!
"Go ahead....make my day!"
"Uh..Uh.....I know what your thinking...did he shoot six shots...or only five. Well come to think of it - in all this confusion - I kinda lost track my self.....Now, seein' as this is a '44 Magnum...the most powerful handgun in the world...and capable of blowing your head..clean..-off...you gotta ask yourself just one question....'Do I feel lucky?'....Well do ya PUNK!"
"Now ya see..my mule don't take too kindly to bein' laughed at!"
Clint: "Now, we don't want anyone to get hurt...so why don't you boys put those guns away."
Bad Guy: "Who's WEee sucka'?"
Clint: "Smith...and Wesson....and Me...."
Inspector in charge - yelling in Eastwood's face- : "You're a dinosaur Callahan, your ways are old...and obsolete....I want a statement on my desk..first thing in the morning..or you're fired...do you hear me Callahan..FIRED!!!!!
Clint (as Dirty Harry Callahan): "I've got a statement for you Inspector...you're mouthwash aint makin' it!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
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The second sickest fucker on any planet in any universe. Second only to a sicko who kills his victim.
A future death wish recipient (at least should be).
A psychopath that has no right existing
Max: "Isn't that new neighbour of yours that guy that was in the news who just got out after serving 2 months for diddling 20 kids; you know, that child molester!"
Scott: - loading a gun - "Yea, he got that nice vacation thanks to the child molester judge!" - shoots neighbours balls and cock off.
Max: "What the fuck...what are you doing guy!"
Scott: "Enforcing justice....guy!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
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A term often misused by the media describing an individual who is angry that someone cut him off or when a merge hopper passes or darts in front of him.
Under some circumstances, the rager is actually the total dick; the aggressive driver. When someone nearly kills you with some sort of punk ass reckless driving move, your rage should NOT be coined "road rage," just as your rage at someone pointing a gun at you wouldn't be coined such or considered abnormal.
Scott: "I was driving along with my newborn and son in the car and this merge hopper darts in front of me. I had to SLAM on my brakes! My kids nearly went flying out of their child seats! I freaked! If the fucking media was there, they would have plastered it all over the 6 o'oclock as a "road rage" incident!"

Max: "I hear you dude, its like the asshole pointed a gun at your kids heads and was pulling the trigger. He could have killed you all. I would have been pissed man, the media would have been there alright....doing the LEAD on a murder investigation!!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
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In the biz a MALE who acts. If you are a female who believes she should be called an 'actor' then get a sex change...and see female actor for assistance.
Tom Cruise thinks that he is an actor. He was good when he was young, but now he is an egomaniac and should hire someone who is actually tough and large to do his 'cool dude' movies like "Mission Impossible." Tommy makes these movies unwatchable knowing that Nicole could likely kick his ass.
Some women think that they are actors. They are wrong. They are actresses. If they are actually hermaphrodites then they should be given the option; otherwise, the ACTING needs to stop at least with THIS word SNAFU.
by psiscott April 21, 2006
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