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Used while ordering a beverage - alcoholic - to be consumed straight; without ice; accompanied only by the glass which surrounds it. Often used by men wanting to impress a woman - or another man. Often used by those who think they are better than others. Used by those who know nothing special - other than this unique word - around average to above-average folk who don't need to use such words because they don't flaunt their knowledge. Used by wannabe bartenders or egomaniacal bartenders when ordering - even if the drink tastes like piss 'neat' - just to impress another bartender, or waitress/waiter, with their flashy bar grammar.
Josh: "I'd like a peach schnapps NEAT please."
Bartender: "Would you like it in a glass or over your head putz?"
by psiscott April 11, 2006
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A spastic, virtually non-sensical television cartoon aimed at the adult crowd. A - so-called - comedy that has about a laugh per 5 episodes and leaves the viewer with a "squirrel in the path of a Kodiak" look after realizing that he has just witnessed a fine example of a waste of electrons. Apparently watched repeatedly by non-sensical urban dictionary subscribers.
Scott: "I watched the new Brak show last night."
Max: "Is that why you tried to smoke your pencil at break and ordered Starbucks latte frappe espresso fuchia delight at lunch?"
Scott: "What is your name again dude?"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
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1) Truly an item or object used to create a better sexual experience for lovers. A vibrator or sex toy. A dildo or the like. Sexual lubricants. Flavored sexual lubricants. Ribbed condom or the like.

2) A term used to incite laughter on a job-site or construction site to identify a large tool.
1) Kirk: "Spock, come to my ready room, and bring our favorite marital aid!"

2) Johnson: "Smith, go get that high torque two-inch hole boring hammer drill..and get the kid to come here to help me with it would ya!?"
Smith: "I'll get the kid and HE can bring you the marital aid!"
by psiscott April 10, 2006
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Crap grown and sold by the Canadian Government to individuals requesting it who are in pain or have an ailment such as MS.
MS victim: "Dude, I just got on the list for some of that chronic medical marijuana."
Dude: "Error, you cannot use the word chronic in the same sentence as medical marijuana. The government obviously doesn't know where to get good enough seeds, or they don't want you to get too high so they sell you this shit. You could find a guy around here that could sell you a lot better shit than that for the same price."
by psiscott April 28, 2006
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An aggressive asshole driver who decides that he is so much more important than everyone else in a traffic jam that he ducks out of traffic into the clear merging lane to overtake a few dozen cars, only to fuck up the traffic even more as he tries to get back in to the jammed traffic lane.
worst driver cunt asshole redneck punk shithead rice rocket street racer racer nitro
Jean is driving on a busy thoroughfare in LA when Click the aggressive driver jumps out of the curb lane - as a typical merge hopper does - onto the merge to pass 50 cars. Jean sees him coming in her rear view mirror, pulls out her 45 and blows the tires out of Click's car causing him to ditch. Click is okay, VERY LATE for work now, and no longer a threat to traffic for this particular day.
by psiscott April 08, 2006
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1) A creature being sought by stupid scientists who have found innumerable links to many species of plants and animals, but can't seem to find the one for man. A mythical creature akin to the big bad wolf or tooth fairy.

2) A dude who is definitely a man but looks like he may have been teleported or warped here from 200,000 BC due to his unkept appearance and wrangled mangled hair and facial/body blemishes etc. Basically, a guy who - the more clothes he removes - proportionately resembles a human lesser and lesser.
1) Scientist Neil: "Bob, I think I found the missing link over here in this gneiss formation."
Scientist Bob - looking at 'object' : "That is a downed aircraft Neil, but...good eyes all the same!"

2) Max: "What the fuck is that hairy bastard all about!?"
Scott: "Good God man...that could be the god-damned missing link"
Max & Scott: "Huh...uh.uh....huh...huh...cool"
by psiscott April 09, 2006
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A delicious - yet somewhat feminine - Schnapps with a strong peach flavour. Bols makes many Schnapps and the peach is very sweet and tasty. Nice on its on with rocks or delicious served in a mix to make a Fuzzy Navel.
Max (born male): "Could you order me a Peach Schnapps neat please."
Scott: "Pardon!"
Max (born male): "Could you order me a Peach Schnapps....neat please."
Scott: "You better order that one yourself girl, I don't need to get kicked out of here...I'd gladly get you a feminine napkin from the washroom though Nancy boy.
by psiscott April 11, 2006
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