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A spastic, virtually non-sensical television cartoon aimed at the adult crowd. A - so-called - comedy that has about a laugh per 5 episodes and leaves the viewer with a "squirrel in the path of a Kodiak" look after realizing that he has just witnessed a fine example of a waste of electrons. Apparently watched repeatedly by non-sensical urban dictionary subscribers.
Scott: "I watched the new Brak show last night."
Max: "Is that why you tried to smoke your pencil at break and ordered Starbucks latte frappe espresso fuchia delight at lunch?"
Scott: "What is your name again dude?"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
Beautiful cottage country in south-central Ontario, Canada. Made 'famous' by such Hollywood stars as Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn and Tom Hanks and others.
Once a place of peace and quiet, respectfully tainted with the noise of summer-fun including boating, water skiing, tubing, and just about any other outdoor activity - other than HUNTING!
The original cottages were a place to escape to from the rat-race of the stinky city - mainly the city of Toronto.
Once this land was 'discovered' by certain high-profile people, rich pricks decided it was 'trendy' and 'necessary' to purchase land or a cottage there so as to look upwardly-mobile. This has degraded Muskoka by making it unrealistically expensive for the average layman to purchase; and unmanagable for those who first set their cottage roots there, due to higher taxes and anal newcomers.
Like the white-man raped the Native Americans' lands, so has the yuppie/rich prick raped Muskoka.
New Muskokan cottager:

Franchini: "Are we taking the Bentley and the Bichon to Muskoka this weekend Elsha?"
Elsha: "Well we may need the Bentley because Arthur is flying in from Eton. I think we should have Ramon watch the Bichon as you know Arthur just won't have anything to do with her shedding!"
Franchini: "Fine..fine..fine..Let Ramon watch the bitch and we shall enjoy Cognac with Arthur in Muskoka...I do hope the central air is on when we arrive and that the plumbers have installed the three 'bidets' in the main washrooms."

TRUE Muskokan cottager in the 70s:

Merv: "Did we get the coolers and sleeping bags all packed kids?"
Kids: "Yes daddy, and mommy made us some lunches 'cause we're hungry now and can't wait till we stop for our mid-trip snack. I hope the bunny's are there at the stop. Can we get our allowance now so we can buy some blackballs and bottlecaps daddy?"
Merv: "If you are good. Remember, its a long drive but at least we have this wagon now. Too bad we can't afford a plane to fly up and avoid the traffic." - laughing
Kids: "Yea, but at least we have a boat so we can ski and fish and stuff."
Merv: "That's true kids, good attitude."

by psiscott April 11, 2006
Extreme diarrhea. Nearly pure fluid generally yellow or light brown that comes forth while attempting to shit but finding out you have this problem. Shit that actually is more like piss
Scott: "After we had that $4 all-you-can eat Chinese buffet last night, I woke up with massive stomach cramps. I went to the can and was pissing out of my ass."

Max: "yea, I had the same problem, I went to the can to take a leak, finished, fealt I had to shit, turned around, sat down and ended up pissing out of my ass!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
a male homosexual fag faggot gay gayboy fudgepacker ass fucker queen Sometimes used in a comedic setting with one's friends.
Max: "Hey, could you bring a two-four with you when you come...oh ya, and a bottle of Cognac"
Scott: "I don't think so you fuckin' bonesmoker, buy your own fix!"

Guy on the street (sees a guy roller blading wearing a pink vale and white tutu): "Look at that fucking bonesmoker!!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
A pussy that smells so bad it passes as an asshole. A stinky pussy. A pussy one is about to eat until they get a whiff that smells like feces...cunnilingual abort mode is instantly instigated.
Max: "I was as hard as a rock and went down on her, it was so dark I thought I was accidently tonguing her ass until a car went by and the lights shone on us and I could see that it was her pussy that I was licking. She had a serious case of anal muff! I continued anyway 'cause I was so horny!"
Scott: "You scare me dude!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
A term used in error through ignorance or due to low self esteem to try to bring the actual level of one's stature or image up from the level of a trench or sewage bin.
The actual term - and the correct one - which is on the minds and tongues of the users is "CAMEL JOCKEY."
Habib: "I ride a horse, I am an Arabian Knight."

Scott: " You got it half right Habib, you are an Arabian but whilst positioned on that....fragile..under-fed....equine, you are actually a camel jockey.' Notice the large HUMP positioned between the back and front end of the creature and the long snotty snout. You are riding a camel, and transporting it to Iraq...You are a camel jockey."
by psiscott April 21, 2006
An extremely popular alcoholic beverage of the 1980s. Even guys were drinking this fruity concoction made of 1 shot of Vodka, 1 shot of Peach Schnapps and 2-3 parts orange juice. The best Fuzzy Navel would use REAL UNconcentrated orange juice. Wannabee "Cocktail" bartenders like Tom Cruise would argue which Schnapps was the best. Conclusively if it was/is a Schnapps made in Europe or Canada, it would very likely qualify as good enough. Bols from the Netherlands was a fine choice of many Nancy boy bartenders and good enough for the straight crowd as well.
Dwight: *- dancing to 'Safety Dance' -* "Hey Bro, could you order me a Fuzzy Navel!?"
Pat: *- staring at him like he just got pissed on -* "What is THAT man??!"
Dwight: *- exiting the dance floor seriously perturbed -* "Forget it man; just keep sucking on your pathetic wobbley pop loser."
Beth: *- overhearing the argument -* "Did I hear you say 'Fuzzy Navel!?' I'd love one; and can I take you home tonight so I can blow your socks off!"
by psiscott April 11, 2006