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A group of people that lives in the country of Brazil that typically speaks Portuguese.
im going to visit brazil and may or may not be an brazillian.
(i don't really know what to put here tbh)
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by the samurai ship October 08, 2017

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Creator of the genre of videos "1000 DEGREE KNIFE CHALLENGE" created late 2016. He is known for stealing ideas from other youtubers and getting more views without getting credit. The 1000 degree knife videos where created by "Fire sweet Fire" in late 2014, and only get a hundred thousand on the videos average. That is pretty low to the 10s of millions that the 1000 degree knife videos get.
Hey did you see MrGear? He stole that idea from another channel.
Why are these 100 degree knife videos in my reccomended?
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by the samurai ship August 16, 2017

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