European Latin language spoken officially for about 200 millions people in eight countries worldwide, mainly in South America, Africa and Europe. It's also unofficially spoken in parts of India, Southern Asia and Africa.

Although Portuguese and Spanish are different languages, they have the same root in ancient Latin and therefore are mutually intelligible.
john Kerry's wife, Teresa, and popstar Nelly Furtado speak Portuguese fluently.

After independence, East Timor decided that Portuguese, along with Tetum, would be its official languages.
by Dino March 11, 2005
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People from western europe that enjoy soccer, bullfighting. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Most portuguese have brown or blonde hair, white skin (sometimes pale), and green/hazel/blue eyes. They are known for wines, cheese, and fishing industries.

Im not portuguese, im actually italian but portuguese are cool people.
by Johnbhk34689 July 17, 2009
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Hot people that finish every sentence with "CARALHO" "FODA-SE" "FOI O EDER QUE OS FODEU" which means "i appreciate it" "thank you" and the last one "you´re welcome". They can cook better than your mama and grandma together. They're more interested in soccer than in something (kinda) important like politics, if you ask an old man "who's the president?" he'll say the president of his soccer team. They won the euro and the eurovision, and soon they'll conquer the world.
"I´m portuguese, not spanish!"
"She's so hot. I bet she's portuguese!"
by Portuguese mf May 25, 2017
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When you are at a light, and after it turns green, you try to make a left turn faster than oncoming traffic can reach you in the straight lane.
"If that asshole tries to pull a Portugese on me, I'm gonna broadside him"
by Themightytimmah May 31, 2005
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Someone relating to the Portugal culture or it's heritage.Portugese is also a language. Don't ask me if Portugese people are considered hispanic because I don't know
I am Portuguese because my father is from Portugal.
by DizzyLizzy May 31, 2006
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adj. Faux; phony; seeming; superficial
v. To obtain through false pretenses
He was a Portuguese aristocrat; although he wore a monocle and spoke with a snooty accent, his parents were lowly tradespeople.
The Portuguese detectives could not see the abductor's footprints even though they were visible to the naked eye. He Portuguesed his way into the art exhibit even though he had no idea who Julian Schnabel was.
by G Koralis April 29, 2009
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Another word for Portagee. (Both noun and adjective.)
Portuguese soup is a culinary delight. Eat some today!
by Tuna Wanda May 14, 2005
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