A country inhabited in South America by the shapeshifting alien race known as Brazilians. It was discovered by the aliens conveniently around the Age of Exploration, so they cover up the fact they're from outer-space by claiming they're from a European country called "Portugal", which doesn't exist. They're "language" is actually a heavily bastardized form of Spanish. This form of Spanish occurred when the Aliens tried learning the language of the other Europeans there (the Spanish), but they're alien accent was so heavy that they were barely intelligible by the Spanish, and so it was decided that it was a completely different language. As for the country itself, it is a complete hellscape, home to some of the most unspeakably horrid monstrosities known to man. The locals commonly try to kill everyone who dares to enter, meaning escaping this country is a feat that can only be completed by the most brave and courageous of men. There are no laws in Brazil, the country is complete anarchy, and crime runs rampant throughout.
Guy 1: Hey dude, I met this really sexy girl online, she's from Brazil. I'm going there to visit her
Guy 2: Are you insane!? Brazil is hellish anarchy, she's trying to lure you in so you'll die.
Guy 1: Uh... Okey dokey, then.
by Mr. KokoPudgeFudge December 22, 2022
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Satan: Welcome to hell, alternatively called Brazil.
by Yubehal69 December 27, 2022
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by BrazillianGodfather November 9, 2020
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Dont go to that contry dont go to brazil its bad
Brazil is bad
by Sansoa201 (Not real name) March 19, 2022
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Somewhere where everyone who comments on the internet seems to come from. If you look under any youtube video or facebook page comments there is bound to be someone from Brazil
Omg Green Day Rocks plzzz come to Brazil! :D:D:D

I love Top Gear!
From Brazil <3
by Cobjob January 18, 2011
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The largest natural habitat for off-duty cops.
Person 1: Check out this video of an off-duty cop shooting some robbers.

Person 2: Let me guess, the off-duty cop from Brazil?

Person 1: Yup.
by fencetape March 7, 2022
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A country that is now treated like a modern-day Gulag because of a meme.
by Someone who kinda exists August 17, 2021
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