Somewhere where everyone who comments on the internet seems to come from. If you look under any youtube video or facebook page comments there is bound to be someone from Brazil
Omg Green Day Rocks plzzz come to Brazil! :D:D:D

I love Top Gear!
From Brazil <3
by Cobjob January 18, 2011
a country that is really big
"Wow, Brazil is big!" -George W. Bush
by Mike the Ekim March 9, 2006
The largest country of South America and one of the most beautiful of the world. Also known in the world for its peaceful and kind people. The famous Rain Forest is placed in the north of the country, and is rich in mineral water, minerals (gold, quartz, bauxite, etc...) and the most important: bio-diversity. For this reason it needs to be protected and not explored by foreign people with the excuse to protect the nature.
Brazil, coutry of Pelé, Samba, Bossa-Nova and Beaty.
"Why is Gisele Bundchen so jaw-droppingly gorgeous??"
"Dude, she's from Brazil."
"Oh that makes sense then."
by Jalal O April 18, 2008
The only non-hispanic Latin American country.
Brazil is in South America. Countries like Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, etc speak Spanish except from Brazil which of course they speak Portuguese.
by ManCity255 April 26, 2020
The place in the world with everything.
Rain forests
Hot people

Holy fuckin shit I want to go to Brazil because it has everything!

"Brazil has hot boys"
"and hot girls!"
by withlovealana August 31, 2008
The largest natural habitat for off-duty cops.
Person 1: Check out this video of an off-duty cop shooting some robbers.

Person 2: Let me guess, the off-duty cop from Brazil?

Person 1: Yup.
by fencetape March 7, 2022