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a shaved vagina. Derived from "grass won't grow on a racetrack."
The papparazzi got some pics of Brittany's racetrack.
by snappy's February 05, 2008
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linear shit stains in your toilet that point down after you've taken a huge dump
"Dude, I went to Amanda's house and left race tracks in her toilet. I flushed twice and they were still there. I need to quit eating Taco Bell."
by jbushido October 29, 2009
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During fellatio her two front teeth rub against the shaft thus leaving racetracks on your penis. Painful. Very common from girls who are inexperienced and/or have dialups.
She was giving me head and left racetracks.
by JPE May 12, 2004
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In the film Newsies
A Newsie from Manhatten, who likes to gamble, and sells at sheepshead races. Enjoys gambling, especially horse betting, and poker. Has an extremly straight face, and is rarely beaten in poker.
Enjoys going to Brooklyn to see his boyfriend Spot, where they rock the Brooklyn Docks.
He also has a harem, including a lot of the other newsies in Manhatten
Jack: How was your day Race?
Racetrack: Remember that tip I told you about? Nobody told the horse
by NRoxy November 11, 2006
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