n. Mathematics
1. A member of the set of positive whole numbers 1, 2, 3,... , negative whole numbers -1, -2, -3,... , and zero {0}.
2. A complete unit or entity.
(Basically just whole numbers, not 1.5 or 1½.)
-9,-8,-7,-6,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9 , 10 are all integers!
by Passion.Obsession.DDR September 8, 2005
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All those whole numbers. 1, 2, 3 MAN!
Not 1.5 or 1½ etc etc.
George, C'mere; what is the definition of an integer? If I don't find out I'll surely fail Ms.Ebilheimer's quiz?
Why it's just a whole number of course!
by Passion.Obsession.DDR September 12, 2005
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The mother of a walrus. Used commonly in scientific and biological terms, although often used in a mathematical context too.
And so we observe the walrus' integer watching over and caring for the young walrus.
by HooleanPlusPlus September 11, 2013
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A person who has to pop their mouth off and be counted or tries to meddle up into others affairs. No account fool who is on the verge of getting whacked because of gossip and instigation into private situations.

She's gettin to be a real integer in the situation.
by thee radical eclectic August 29, 2006
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The scientific name for the hate you feel the more time you spend with a person
Man I spent all weekend with wilson im starting to feel some Integer Correlation.
by BLDA October 15, 2010
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its like an integer, but Islamic yah know?
I thought that nigga was a white male, but turns out he was an Islamic integer.
by Plant8838 December 11, 2022
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The calculable point where the amount of wass being spouted by an individual reaches unbearable levels for those around them.
Ben: *sings unintelligibly*

Dan: “You chat so much Wass its unreal”

Danny: “Mate please just stop, you’ve hit the Wilkinson integer
by x427 April 13, 2022
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