Quite possibly the dumbest phrase ever. As if there could, in some other scenario, be some unknown third outcome other than the aforementioned two.
Person: "He's going to be accepted into Yale."

Moron: "That may or may not be the case."
by Skelington December 30, 2004
an unnecessary phrase that precedes a story or a bragging statement.

most often used by people who are trying to sound mysterious/coy/cool, but it simply annoys the person they are talking to.

sometimes followed by "but definitely did" to make the phrase twice as useless.
Nerd: I may or may not have, but definitely did just solve the math problem first.
Normal Person: You're annoying, shut up.

Caitlin: I may or may not have met Miley Cyrus yesterday!
Mike: What do you mean 'may have'? Did you or didn't you?
Caitlin: I did!
Mike: Well you could've just said so.
by Polly Pissed-off-in-Physics November 21, 2011
When you "may" be able to do something; meaning perhaps or possibly.
Friend: What's good bro, are you coming out to broom ball tonight?

Me: May-May.
by teepqa February 13, 2020
Clairvoyant voodoo technique used by pygmy dwarves beneath Bhutan to enhance olfactory sensitivity that enables one to discern a person's thoughts through the smell of their sweat.
Girl one: Jesus fucking Christ, it's like she knows what I'm thinking all the time!

Girl two: this is because she has the power of Ji-May-May.
by Bitches and Canes October 16, 2011
BFF HOLIDAY!!!!!!!! Appreciate your bff these few days cuz this is the BEST TIME to do it
hey its may 26 its bff holiday lets hang out! ( Friday May,22 - Friday May,29 )
by doge_doggos May 19, 2020
All the words above all stand or mean buddy, or freind, or partner for white people. #whitepeopleslang

different ways to say buddy ! Jainkah, Jainkah, Mai Jainka, Mai Jainkah
examples: "Hey Brett" what's up, Mai Jainka! or " what the "man what the fuck you doing Jainkah? / Ay brady is that yo car? ay say word, that's Mai Jainkah, right there. or "Man my Jainka tommy go crazy!" / Me and my Jainkas finna dip. "All forms means buddy!" Jainka or (Jainkah)/ Mai Jainka or Mai Jainkah/Jainkas
by The old bale 107_ July 18, 2022