Literally anyone that is older than you.
Individual 1: Did you hear that John got a job?
Individual 2: God he's such a boomer.
Individual 1: Dude he's only a year older than you...
by TheLomster June 14, 2019
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Contrary to popular belief a boomer is not necessarily a baby boomer, a boomer is person stuck a state of mind in which they believe they are superior to other generations just because they are older.
Gen X Parent: Gen Z are entitled and selfish.
Me: ok, boomer
by I’m pretty lonely ngl November 24, 2019
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The creepy old guy who watches you through the curtains. His catchphrase is GET OF MY LAWN
Me: do you think he's a boomer
Boomer *yelling*: GET OF MY LAWN
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Someone older who doesn’t know how the younger generation works and it’s okay with change
I asked my mom if I could go to this party but she said no, what a boomer
by That dude who likes Bill Joe November 23, 2019
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A cold front from the north will draw in warm moisture from the south potentially producing some big boomers this afternoon.
by Consultant22 May 23, 2018
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It means OLD... It's a generation that's called the " Baby Boomers" but in slang if you say boomer it means old. So basically if you call someone/something a boomer then you are calling them old or calling the thing old.
Bob: My favorite artist is Elvis!!
by the dictonary BITCH November 14, 2019
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A boomer is someone who was born between the years 1946 – 1964
by Daddy 2 Shoes July 17, 2019
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