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A singular noun for something that is boring, unexciting, and just plain yawn-inducing.
Man, this movie is such a bore.
by RDS December 25, 2005
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Meaning "to stab", with a "borer" (rude-boy terminology meaning sharp, dangerous object, usually a knife)
Watch, I'm gonna bore you up.
by Cup-Sellithaine November 06, 2005
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A bore is typically a boring person who leads a boar tribe. This can be seen as an offence to unbore people (people who are not bore)
The bore typically travels in packs in order for it to survive since they are hunted down by the Anti-Bore Regiment (a group of people that hunt down bores for the greater good)
Well, Looks like you get Bore of the month.
You're such a Bore.
Get of your greasy Bore hooves.
by Dylan bottrell April 15, 2019
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Originated in tadley hamphire, Im going vigourous sexual intercourse with a female
1st example- See that girl, im guna bore her right out

2nd example- Should of seen the rattly i bored out last night, proper bucket on the sort
by Gavlaaar February 07, 2011
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1.this word is used in all movies that are aired on public telivision whenever somebody sayes whore
2. this word is a gaywad
by up yors July 13, 2008
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