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A person from the baby boomer generation or really anyone who is older than the person using the word, usually used if said person is being annoying or talking shit about a younger generation. Sometimes used in a joking way among friends.
"LMAO, ok boomer"
"Karen is being such a boomer"
by inchpinchpp October 22, 2019
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A slang term for Baby Boomer, often used in a derogatory manner.
I hate boomers, all they do is complain about young people and pretend like it's not their fault the planet is dying!
by Catatcat March 21, 2019
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A slang term for old farts who hate Millenials and act politically correct to get back at them.
Jake: The schools making us do projects that wont benefit us later in life.

Janet: Yeah what a bunch of Boomers!
by ChristmeProductions June 13, 2018
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A boomer is a person over the age of 55. It is usually associated with tik tok/Facebook memes of people using the phrase ‘ok boomer’ it is used to make fun of or sarcastically target the older generation.
Old person: ‘kids are always on technology these days, they don’t know what is going on in the world, they are destroying it’

Child: Ok boomer!
by Definition_Dealer November 01, 2019
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A person over the age of 30 that likes 80s Rock and Monster Energy Zero Ultra, that wants things to go back to the way they were.
*cracks open monster* Now Banjo-Kazooie, that was a good video game. - Typical Boomer
by EvasiveAce July 31, 2018
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A person who exhibits the following characteristics:
-anywhere from 30-75 years old*
-owns a house in the suburbs
-drinks Monster Energy Zero Ultra
-calls his kids things like “champ” and “big guy”
-his riding lawnmower is the envy of fellow boomers
-hates and ridicules Millennials
-wakes up at 6am to mow his lawn
-“Yeah I would’ve went pro if I didn’t injure my ___ during that championship game”
-only listens to Dad rock
-“I’m sure she had her reasons”
-“when I was your age”
-“back in my day”
-probably peaked in high school
-will be nostalgic for classic video games like Doom if younger
-drives a Corvette on weekends
-has had steady office job for over a decade
-socks and sandals
-wine and dines at Olive Garden or Applebee’s

*One doesn’t have to be an actual member of the Baby Boom generation to be considered a Boomer. A Boomer is anyone that embodies the stereotypes of this age group.
My Boomer neighbor blasts AC/DC on his lawnmower at 6am whilst double-fisting monster energy zero ultras
by Howimetyourgrandma July 27, 2019
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a slang term for hullucinagenic mushrooms containing psilocybin
where dem boomers at?
by Caine April 21, 2003
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