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My generation who has completely excepted that the world is slowly spinning into the sun and that we are all going to probably fail
Millenial: I'm never going to do anything of value. I have to cry now, I can't handle this I'm just trying to get by
Gen Z kid: I'm never gonna do anything of value! lol
by sleepy_guacamole May 14, 2018
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Generation Z, or those kids born roughly after 9/11.
There was Generation X, then Generation Y, now the new kids born after 9/11 are called Generation Z or Gen Z, for short.
by Guido1 March 15, 2008
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Most misunderstood generation, commonly mistaken as millennials but gen z’s are far more depressed. early gen z’s 2006 and before maybe 07) had the gift of old Disney channel, and nick the later gen z’s (2008-up) SUCK
Omg your a gen z I you were a millennial

Hey remember Victorious, Hannah Montana,drake and josh,I Carly and wizards of waverly Place.
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by CAMILACABEHOE January 03, 2019
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Dumb luck, or something stupid just happened to you.

A very stupid person who has no common sense at all or a mildly retarded male with red hair.

I was Genzed when I was struck by lightning twice in one day.
I was Genzed when an elephant broke loose from the circus and smashed my testicals with it's foot.
by Philipe the Butcher September 13, 2007
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