A podcast featuring Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark, 2 true crime fanatics, who discuss their favorite murders in a comedy fashion.
by VTMurderino May 21, 2018
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you are the person who i care about the most, who i love to be with and talk to, the person who makes me smile, and you are mine
aw, baby, you're my favorite
by oxorosinoxo September 6, 2006
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An amazing unsigned pop/rock band from Fairfax, Va. Members are Dave and Will Cook, Pat Jenkins, and Bobby Morgenthaler.
I went to see My Favorite Highway last month and they stole the show.
by Susanne Khatib August 25, 2007
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(Also known as My Favourite Number)
My Favorite Number… 69!

— some random McDonald’s waiter
by Jack Ouyang November 24, 2022
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An anomalously broadcasted television show consisting of a physical manifestation of a plastic Mario Bros. toy of Luigi and a strip of Scotch brand tape. The show typically airs unprompted on CRT televisions and evokes a state in viewers comparable to hypnosis or hyper fixation.
"Uh, dude. Are you okay?"

"Shh! Be quiet, my favorite show is on!"
*continues to stare at television*
by OwMyBodyHurt January 15, 2021
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